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9th October 2007

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#1 6 years ago

No one's giving half of a fuck about the MC server :(



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14th February 2007

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#2 6 years ago

Lol. Try putting in Pics, come up with something to make it interesting.

What I tried to do was create a survival world, and have enough connection to the forum for people to start getting "oh, i just HAVE to go build this here..." in their heads.

Minecraft is pointless, so you need to make up a point =D

Personally, having creative... just building whatever gets boring... I enjoyed the legit expansion through the nether, the exploration... although for things like the blaze arena i did cheat.

After that I turned to trying to create new scenes, I wanted to build a themed dwarven city... legit, block by block... That way the way things come out feels natural as well.

An 8X8 tower on a small flat plot of land can be boring... an 8X8 tower built into the side of a cliff, brilliant!