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#1 11 years ago
25zrn2w.png 4hqmv6.png There is a new site out. All you do is post on a forums, just like here at gamebattles, except each post you make, you get a Credit. 100 Post = 100 Credits. Once you get enough credits, you can then exchange them for 1600 MSP Codes, 4000 MSP Codes, MLG Credits, and much more. Instead of doing them referral sites, why not just join a site which gives them to you for posting on the forums? Here is some info: MyForum rewards is a site that rewards users for being active on the forums. We want to start an active community, and feel the best way to do this is have an incentive for our users. Our forum is Coded to give users a Credit for every post they make, and thread created. The more you post, the more credits you receive. With the credits, you can purchase items from the Forum Store. Items in the forum store range from: 35d3frq.png And Much more! However, the more an item is worth the more credits you need. But you earn credits just by posting! Everything is completely free!


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