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13th September 2010

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I was playing Company of Heroes Online and after the longest time wondering, "did the Germans really have remote control land-mine tanks", I decided to look up "Goliath" on Wikipedia, and navigated my way to a page on Goliath tracked mines. I was shocked to see that the Germans had not only remote control technology, but they implemented it in warfare. The Goliaths were used to drive up to tanks, troops, or structures, and detonate, causing a supposedly large explosion. I'm not sure how effective these were, or how many were produced. The British also created a mobile land mine during World War II, the Beetle. Would you like to know more: Goliath tracked mine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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16th August 2008

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16th March 2008

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Solace92;5401528I'm not sure how effective these were

Well how effective were they in Company of Heroes?