good sites to EARN stuff like (ps3,360,games,and more 0 replies

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#1 11 years ago

ok here are 2 sites that i know that you will get free stuff because i tried them Swag Store = this one all you do is look for stuff like you would on google,yahoo, search engines and you can do other stufff to get the pionts 2 prizes

Points2Shop - Earn Points for Free Rewards = ok this one is more harder just becuase u have to do offers then youll get pionts to get prizes. but once you get the hang of it will be really easy. when u sign up message me name = mettler1 ill show u some videos on how to do the stuff and give u some tips (and this site u can get almost anything from amazon and again message me ill show u how) C-YA THERE HAHAHA AND FOR ALL HATERS OF THE XBOX 360 STOP HATING BECAUSE ITS THE BEST HAHAHAAAAHAHAHA:beer::beer::beer::deal::cool:;):eek::smokin: