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#1 8 years ago

You don't? Thats because there aren't any.

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VICTORY 387 B.C. Battle of Allia - 387 B.C. The outnumbered Gauls led by Brennus defeat the army of the Roman Republic led by Quintus Sulpicius and go on to sack Rome itself.

DEFEAT 295 B.C. Battle of Sentinum - 295 B.C. The outnumbered Gauls and Samniums under Egnatius are defeated by Decius Mus and Fabius Maximus Rullianus of the Roman Republic.

DEFEAT 224 B.C. Battle of Telamon - 224 B.C. The outnumbered Gauls led by Concolitanus and Aneorestus are defeated by Atiliua Regulus and Aemilius Papus of the Roman Republic.

VICTORY 52 B.C. Battle of Gergovia - 52 B.C. The Gallic Tribes, led by Vercingetorix, defeat the Roman Republic army led by Julius Caesar. Despite the victory, the Gauls take heavy casualties among their ranks, forcing a retreat to Alesia.

DEFEAT 52 B.C. Battle of Alesia - September, 52 B.C. The Gauls, led by Vercingetorix and Commius, and, despite owning an advantage in numbers, lose upwards of 250,000 men in this decisive Roman victory by Julius Caesar.

VICTORY 486 A.D. Battle of Soissons - 486 A.D. The Franks, led by King Clovis I, defeat Syagrius and the remains of the Western Roman Empire.

VICTORY 496 Battle of Tolbaic - 496 The Franks, led by Clovis I, are victorious over the Alamanni.

VICTORY 507 Battle of Vouille - 507 The Franks, led by Clovis ,I defeat Alaric II (the conqueror of Spain) and his Visigoths in a decisive victory.

VICTORY 732 Battle of Tours / Battle of Poitiers - 732 The Carolingian Franks, led by Charles Martel, decidedly defeat a large invading Muslim force under Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi.

VICTORY 773 Battle of Pavia - 773 Charlemagne and his Frankish forces utterly defeat King Desiderius of the Lombards.

VICTORY 885-886 Battle for Paris - 885-886 The Franks are victorious over the invading barbarian hordes, which had lay seige to the city.

VICTORY 1047 Battle of Val-es-Dunes - 1047 William, the Duke of Normandy and King Henry I of France are victorious against the rebel Normans led by Guy of Burgundy.

VICTORY 1066 Battle of Hastings - October 14, 1066 The Normans led by William the Conquerer defeat King Harold II and his Anglo-Saxon army.

VICTORY 1097 Battle of Dorylaeum - July 1, 1097 Unified Christian Crusaders defeat the Seljuk Turks.

VICTORY 1099 Battle of Ascalon - August 12, 1099 Godfrey de Bouillon and his Crusader army defeat the Fatimids of al-Afdal Shahanshah.

DEFEAT 1119 Battle of Bremule - 1119 Louis VI of France and his invasion force is defeated by Henry I of England.

VICTORY 1177 Battle of Montgisard (1177) King Baldwin IV of Jerusalem and Raynald de Chatillon gain a major victory over Saladin.

DEFEAT 1198 Battle of Gisors - September 27, 1198 Richard I of England is victorious over Philip Augustus of France.

DEFEAT 1213 Battle of Damme - May 30-31, 1213 In a preemptive strike, King John of England sends William de Longespee to attack the harbor of Damme, finding only light resistance, whilst King Philip II of France and his army is away in Flanders.

VICTORY 1214 Battle of Bouvines - July 27, 1214 Philip Augustus of France overwhelmingly defeats Germany's Otto IV and Count Ferrand of Flanders.

DEFEAT 1217 Battle of Lincoln - May 20, 1217 Louis VIII of France is beaten by King Henry III of England.

DEFEAT 1340 Battle of Sluys - June 24, 1340 The English, led by Edward III of England, are victorious over the French, led by Hugues Quieret and Nicolas Behuchet.

VICTORY 1342 Battle of Morlaix - 1342 French forces beat back the attacking English and force a retreat.

DEFEAT 1345 Battle of Auberoche - October 21, 1345 The French led by Louis of Poiters are defeated by the English, led by Henry, the Earl of Derby.

DEFEAT 1346 Battle of Saint-Pol-de-Leon - June 9, 1346 The House of Blois, allied with France (Charles of Blois), is defeated by the House of Montfort, they being allied with England (Sir Thomas Dagworth).

DEFEAT 1346 Battle of Caen - July 26, 1346 The French and Raoul II of Brienne lose Caen to Edward III of England.

DEFEAT 1346 Battle of Blanchetaque - August 24, 1346 The French and Gudemar du Foy fail to stop the English river crossing of the Somme by Edward III.

DEFEAT 1346 Battle of Crecy - August 26, 1346 Philip VI of France falls to Edward III of England.

DEFEAT 1347 The Siege of Calais - September 4, 1346 - August 3, 1347 The French and Jean de Fosseux surrender after nearly a year-long seige by Edward III and his English army.

DEFEAT 1347 Battle of La Roche-Derrien - 1347 The French and Duke Charles of Blois are defeated by the English and Sir Thomas Dagworth.

DRAW 1349 Battle of Lunalonge - 1349 French forces force the withdrawal of a combined Anglo-Gascons force.

VICTORY 1351 Battle of Ardres - 1351 French forces are victorious over the English.

DEFEAT 1352 Battle of Mauron - 1352 The French come up losers as a combined Anglo-Breton force earns the final victory.

DEFEAT 1356 Battle of Poitiers - September 19, 1356 John II of France is thoroughly beaten by Edward, the "Black Prince" of England.

VICTORY 1364 Battle of Cocherel - May 16, 1364 The French and Bertrand du Guesclin find victory against Charles II of Navarre.

DEFEAT 1364 Battle of Auray - September 29, 1364 Charles of Blois falls to Sir John Chandos of England and John de Montfort of France.

DEFEAT 1367 Battle of Najera - April 3, 1367 Pedro the Cruel and his English allies are victorious over brother Henry of Trastamara and his French allies.

VICTORY 1369 Battle of Montiel - 1369 The Franco-Castilian combined forces led by Henry II of Castile find victory against a conglomerate of Portuguese, Jewish, Granadine and Marinid forces led by Pedro of Castile.

VICTORY 1372 Battle of La Rochelle - June 22, 1372 The French-Castilion fleet wins control of the Channel after a decisive victory over the English.

VICTORY 1373 Battle of Chiset - 1373 French forces, whilst laying siege to Chiset, repel an English relief force.

VICTORY 1382 Battle of Roosebeke - November 27, 1382 Louis II of Flanders and Philip the Bold lay waste to Philip Van Artevelde and the Flemish.

DEFEAT 1396 Battle of Nicopolis - September 25, 1396 The French Crusaders fall to the Ottoman Turks near Nicopolis.

DEFEAT 1415 Battle of Agincourt - October 25, 1415 Jean Le Maingre and Charles d'Albret fall to Henry V of England in what would become a massacre of their men-at-arms knights.

DEFEAT 1419 Siege of Rouen - July 1418-January 1419 The city of Rouen and Guy le Bouteiller fall to an English siege.

VICTORY 1421 Battle of Bauge - March 21, 1421 A combined force from France and Scotland defeat the English in one of the earliest English defeats of the Hundred Years' War.

DEFEAT 1421 Siege of Meaux - March 21, 1421 The city of Meaux falls to the English.

DEFEAT 1423 Battle of Cravant - July 31, 1423 Comte de Vendome of France falls to Thomas Montacute of England in a renewel of English-Franco hostilities.

DEFEAT 1424 Battle of Verneuil - August 17, 1424 England and John, the Duke of Bedford, is victorious over a combined Franco-Scotish force led by Viscount Aumale.

VICTORY 1429 Siege of Orleans - October 12, 1428-May 8, 1429 Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), Gilles de Rais and Jean d'Orleans of France defeat the Earl of Shrewsbury, the Earl of Salisbury and the Duke of Suffolk.

VICTORY 1429 Battle of Jargeau - June 11-12, 1429 Jeanne d'Arc of France leads victorious against William de la Pole of England.

VICTORY 1429 Battle of Beaugency - June 16-17, 1429 Jeanne d'Arc delivers yet another French victory over the English.

VICTORY 1429 Battle of Patay - June 18, 1429 La Hire and Poton de Xaintrailles of France defeat Sir John Fastolf of England, effectively turning the tide of the Hundred Years' War.

VICTORY 1429 Siege of Compiegne - June 18, 1429 Though Jeanne d'Arc is taken prisoner (and ultimately executed), the French resist the English siege from Philip the Good and John II of Luxembourg.

VICTORY 1435 Battle of Gerbevoy - 1435 French forces, led by commander La Hire and Jean Poton Xaintrailles, defeat the English.

DEFEAT 1444 Battle of St. Jakob an der Birs - August 26, 1444 The French Army is forced to retreat at the hands of the determined Swiss Pikemen.

VICTORY 1450 Battle of Formigny - April 15, 1450 Comte de Clermont and Comte de Richemont of France defeat Thomas Kyriell of England.

VICTORY 1453 Battle of Castillon - July 17, 1453 Charles VII of France defeats John Talbot of England.

VICTORY 1509 Battle of Agnadello - 1509 French forces are decidedly victorious over the Venetians.

VICTORY 1515 Battle of Marignano - 1515 Francis I and his French forces defeat the Swiss.

DEFEAT 1525 Battle of Pavia - February 24, 1525 Francis I loses out to the Spanish-Imperial army under Charles de Lannoy.

VICTORY 1544 Battle of Ceresole - 1544 French forces defeat the Spanish Imperial Army.

VICTORY 1643 Battle of Rocroi - 1643 French forces are victorious over the Spanish once more.

VICTORY 1645 Battle of Nordlingen - 1645 French forces are victorious over an army fielded by the Holy Roman Empire.

VICTORY 1648 Battle of Lens - 1648 French forces, once again, defeat the Holy Roman Empire's Imperial army.

VICTORY 1658 Battle of Dunes - 1658 A combined Anglo-French army is victorious over the Spanish.

VICTORY 1690 Battle of Fleurus - 1690 This naval battle sees the French victorious over the Anglo-Dutch.

VICTORY 1690 Battle of Beachy Head - 1690 Another naval battle sees the French victorious over their Anglo-Dutch counterparts.

VICTORY 1693 Battle of Landen - 1693 Marshal Luxembourg and his French forces decidedly defeat an Anglo-Dutch contingent.

DEFEAT 1704 Battle of Blenheim - August 13th, 1704 A turning point in the War of the Spanish Succession, the Holy Roman Empire, the Dutch Republic, Denmark and England deliver a blow to France and the Electorate of Bavaria. France alone records some 30,000 casualties and Commander-in-Chief Marshal Tallard is taken prisoner by England.

DEFEAT 1708 Battle of Oudenarde - July 11, 1708 The Duke of Burgundy and the Duc de Vendome fall to the coalition of nations made up of Great Britain, the Dutch Republic and the Holy Roman Empire.

VICTORY 1712 Battle of Denain - 1712 French forces, led by Marshal Villars, are victorious over the Austrian and Dutch forces.

VICTORY 1742 April 20th, 1742 French forces successfully take Eger.

DEFEAT 1743 Battle of Dettingen - June 16th, 1743 Part of the War of Austrian Succession, an alliance of British, Hanover and Hesse forces defeat the French Army.

VICTORY 1745 Battle of Fontenoy - May 11th, 1745 Maurice de Saxe and his French army defeat a contingent of Anglo-Austrian-Dutch-Hano troops.

VICTORY 1746 Battle of Roucoux - 1746 Maurice de Saxe is once again victorious over the Anglo-Austrian-Dutch-Hano forces.

VICTORY 1747 Battle of Lauffeld - 1747 Maurice de Saxe is, yet again, victorious over the Anglo-Austrian-Dutch-Hano forces.

VICTORY 1747 April 20th, 1756 The Galissonniere at Minorca secure the landing of Richelieu by defeating the British Navy led by Admiral Byng.

VICTORY 1757 Battle of Hastenbeck - 1757 French forces in Germany defeat an English army.

VICTORY 1758 Battle of Carillon - 1758 General Montcalm and his vastly outnumbered French forces are victorious over the British.

DEFEAT 1759 Battle of the Plains of Abraham - September 12-13, 1759 French General Louis-Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm leads his New French Militia to defeat at the hands of the British led by General James Wolfe outside of Quebec City in what is today Canada. Both generals are mortally wounded in the fray. The defeat signals the beginning for the end for French control in North America.

VICTORY 1781 Battle of Yorktown - 1781 French forces, allied with the Americans, are victorious over Cornwallis and his English army.

VICTORY 1781 Battle of the Chesapeake - September 5, 1781 France, coming the aid of America's George Washington, defeats the British in a strategic victory.

VICTORY 1792 Battle of Valmy - September 20, 1792 France defeats the invading armies of Prussia and Austria.

VICTORY 1794 Battle of Fleurus - 1794 Jourdan and his French forces are victorious over the Austrians.

VICTORY 1794 Battle of the Vosges - July 13, 1794 France defeats a coalition of Prussian, Austrian and Saxon troops.

VICTORY 1796 April 21st, 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte is victorious over the Piedmontese in Mondovi.

VICTORY 1796 Battle of Lodi - 1796 The French beat back another force of Austrians.

VICTORY 1796 Battle of Castiglione - 1796 The French are victorious over the Austrians yet again.

VICTORY 1796 Battle of the Bridge of Arcole - November 17, 1796 Napoleon Bonaparte I of France leads victorious over the Austrians.

VICTORY 1797 Battle of Diersheim, April 20th, 1797 French General Moreau is victorious against Austrian General Staray.

VICTORY 1797 Battle of Rivoli - 1797 Napoleon's French forces net a victory over the Austrians.

VICTORY 1798 Battle of the Pyramids - 1798 French forces route Egyptian Mamelukes.

VICTORY 1799 Battle of Mount Tabor - 1799 Outnumbered French forces decimate a much larger Turkish force.

DEFEAT 1799 Battle of Trebia - June 19, 1799 French General Macdonald loses to the Russians led by General Suvorov.

DEFEAT 1799 Battle of Novi - August 15, 1799 General Barthelemy Catherine Joubert loses to the combined forces of Austria and Russia led by Fieldmarshal Alexander Suvorov.

VICTORY 1799 Battle of Abukir - 1799 Napoleon's French Army defeats another Turkish force in Egypt.

VICTORY 1799 Second Battle of Zurich - 1799 Massena and his French force routes the Russians in Switzerland.

VICTORY 1800 Battle of Marengo - 1800 Napoleon's French forces are victorious over Melas and his Austrians.

VICTORY 1800 Battle of Hohenlinden - December 3, 1800 A decisive French victory by General Moreau over the Austrian Empire led by Archduke John.

DEFEAT 1803 Haitian Independence - November 1803 Napoleon Bonaparte's army, led by Charles LeClerc is defeated by the Haitian indigenous army, led by Dessalines.

DEFEAT 1805 Battle of Trafalgar - October 21, 1805 Pierre Charles Silvestre de Villeneuve, and his combined Franco-Spanish fleet of 33 ships, is defeated by Viscount Horatio Nelson and his smaller band of 27 British ships in this decisive naval battle of the Napoleonic Wars.

VICTORY 1805 Battle of Austerlitz - December 2, 1805 Napoleon I of France is decidedly victorious over Russia and the Austrian Empire.

VICTORY 1806 Battle of Jena-Auerstedt - October 14, 1806 Napoleon I of France is victorious over Frederick William III of Prussia.

DRAW 1806 Battle of Pultusk - December 26, 1806 Marshal Lannes of France leads against General Bennigsen of Russia in this inconclusive engagement.

DRAW 1807 Battle of Eylau - February 7-8, 1807 The battle results are inconclusive as Napoleon of France combats the powers of Russia and Prussia led by Bennigsen.

VICTORY 1807 Battle of Friedland - June 14, 1807 Napoleon Bonaparte is victorious against General Bennigsen's Russians.

DEFEAT 1808 Battle of Bailen - July 18-22, 1808 Pierre DuPont of France loses to Francisco Castanos of Spain.

VICTORY 1808 Battle of Tudela - November 23, 1808 Jean Lannes of France is victorious over Francisco Castanos of Spain.

VICTORY 1809 Battle of Ucles - January 13, 1809 General Victor of France is victorious over General Venegas of Spain.

VICTORY 1809 April 21st, 1809 Napoleon Bonaparte defeats Austrian forces in Landshut.

DRAW 1809 Battle of Corunna - January 16, 1809 Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult is unable to prevent the British evacuation of British troops from Spain led by John Moore.

DEFEAT 1809 Battle of Aspern-Essling - May 22, 1809 In Napoleon's first major defeat, he loses out to the determined Austrians under Archduke Charles.

VICTORY 1809 Battle of Ciudad-Real - March 27, 1809 A French victory for General Sebastiani against Spain under direction from General Cartojal.

VICTORY 1809 April 20th, 1809 Napoleon and his French forces are victorious over the Austrians in Abensberg.

VICTORY 1809 Battle of Eckmuhl - April 21st, 1809 The French, under Davout, defeat Archduke Charles and his Austrian army.

VICTORY 1809 Battle of Wagram - July 5-6, 1809 A decisive victory for Napoleon Bonaparte over Austria's Archduke Charles.

VICTORY 1809 Battle of Medellin - 1809 Marshal Victor and his French troops decidedly defeat Cuesta and his Spanish army.

VICTORY 1809 Battle of Ocana - 1809 Marshal Soult and his outnumbered French forces crush the Spanish army yet again.

VICTORY 1810 April 21st, 1810 The French score a victory at Astorga.

DEFEAT 1811 Battle of Albuera - May 16, 1811 France, led by Nicolas Jean de Dieu Soult, falls to the coalition of nations made up of Britain, Portugal and Spain.

DEFEAT 1812 Battle of Badajoz - March 16-April 6, 1812 Surrender and retreat by the French garrison to a force of Anglo-Portuguese is one of the bloodiest sieges of the Napoleonic Wars.

DEFEAT 1812 Battle of Salamanca - July 22, 1812 A major French defeat for Auguste Marmont against the Anglo-Portuguese-Spanish Alliance.

VICTORY 1812 Battle of Smolensk - August 17, 1812 Napoleon Bonaparte of France is victorious against Russia led by Prince Bagration.

VICTORY 1812 Battle of Borodino - September 7, 1812 Napoleon Bonaparte of the First French Empire is victorious against Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov of the Russian Empire.

DRAW 1812 Battle of Maloyaroslavets - October 24, 1812 General Delzons of France claims a victory over the Russians led by Marshal Kutuzov. Russians claim a strategic victory. Napoleon's stepson Eugene de Beauharnais is involved in the battle.

VICTORY 1813 Battle of Dresden - 1813 The outnumbered French route a larger multi-national contingent.

VICTORY 1813 Battle of Lutzen - May 2, 1813 Napoleon I of France is victorious against Germany's Gebhard von Blucher, Peter Wittgenstein and Gerhard von Scharnhorst

DEFEAT 1813 Battle of Vitoria - June 21, 1813 France, led by Jean-Baptiste Jourdan and Joseph Bonaparte, loses out to the Anglo-Spanish coalition led by Arthur Wellesley

DEFEAT 1813 Battle of Klum - August 30, 1813 General Dominique Vandamme of France loses to the allied forces of Austria, Russia, and Prussian led by Field-Marshal Barclay de Tolly.

DEFEAT 1813 Battle of Leipzig - October 16-19, 1813 Napoleon I of France loses decisively to the coalition of Britain, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Prussia, Austria, Sweden and several German states.

VICTORY 1814 Battle of Vauchamps - February 14, 1814 Napoleon and his band of 18,000 Frenchmen defeat 30,000 Prussian troops in the final battle of the Six Days Campaign.

VICTORY 1815 Battle of Ligny - 1815 Standing as Napoleon's final victory, French forces find success over the Prussians.

DEFEAT 1815 Battle of Waterloo - June 18, 1815 In Napoleon's last battle, he loses out to a coalition consisting of England, Russia, Austria and Prussia.

VICTORY 1823 Battle of Trocadero - 1823 The French defeat the Spanish.

VICTORY 1827 Battle of Navarino - October 20, 1827 A coalition force of French, British, Irish, Italian, Belgium, United States, Dutch and Russian forces defeat the Ottoman Empire and Egypt in this large-scale sea battle.

VICTORY 1830 Invasion of Algeria - 1830 French forces invade and conquer the North African country of Algeria.

VICTORY 1854 Battle of Balaclava - October 25, 1854 A coalition of French, British and Turkish troops defeat Russia during this Crimean War engagement.

VICTORY 1855 Battle of Malakoff - 1855 French forces help in overtaking the Russians.

VICTORY 1859 Battle of Solferino - 1859 The French are victorious over the Austrians.

DEFEAT 1862 Battle of Puebla - May 5, 1862 An outnumbered Mexican force led by Ignacio Zaragoza defeats Napoleon III's French forces - led by Charles de Lorencez - giving Mexico its "Cinco de Mayo".

DEFEAT 1870 Battle of Worth - August 6, 1870 Patrice MacMahon of France falls to Crown Prince Frederich Wilhelm.

DRAW 1870 Battle of Gravelotte - August 18, 1870 The battle results in a draw as Francois Achille Bazaine of France secures a tactical victory and Helmuth von Moltke of Prussia secures a strategic victory.

DEFEAT 1870 Battle of Sedan - September 1, 1870 Napoleon III, Patrice MacMahon and Auguste-Alexandre Ducrot of France fall to the Germans led by Wilhelm I and Helmuth von Moltke.

DEFEAT 1870 Siege of Metz - Sept.-Oct. 1870 Besieged by superior Prussian forces, General Bazaine surrenders his army and the fortress of Metz.

DEFEAT 1870 Siege of Paris - Oct.-Jan. 1870 Besieged by superior German forces, and after several unsuccessful sorties, the starving capital of France surrenders.

VICTORY 1884 Battle of Foochow - 1884 French navy forces utterly destroy the Chinese navy.

VICTORY 1914 First Battle of the Marne - 1914 In a battle involving millions of troops, Anglo-French forces defeat the Germans.

DEFEAT 1914 Battle of the Frontiers - August 14-24, 1914 French and British forces fall to the Germans.

DEFEAT 1914 Battle of the Ardennes - August 21-23, 1914 France, led by Pierre Ruffey and Fernand de Langle de Cary lose to Germany and Albrecht, the Duke of Wurttemberg and Crown Prince Wilhelm.

VICTORY 1914 Togoland - August 26, 1914 A Franco-British force successfully invades the German West African protectorate of Togoland.

VICTORY 1914 First Battle of the Marne - September 5-10, 1914 A Franco-British (largely French) force led by Joseph Joffre and John French defeat Germany led by Helmuth von Moltke and Karl von Bulow.

DRAW 1914 First Battle of the Aisne - September 12-15, 1914 French and British troop actions end in a draw with the Germans.

VICTORY 1914 Battle of Ypres - October 19-November 22, 1914 French and British forces gain a victory against Germany.

DRAW 1914 Battle of Champagne - 1915 France earn a draw against Germany

DRAW 1915 Third Battle of Artois - September 15-November 4, 1915 France and Britain earn a draw against Germany and Crown Prince Rupprecht.

VICTORY 1916 Battle of Verdun - 1916 Casualties mount on both sides but French forces ultimately push back the German tide.

DRAW 1916 Battle of the Somme - July 1, 1916-November 18, 1916 The battle, like many others in World War I, results in a draw between French and German forces.

VICTORY 1917 Second Battle of the Aisne - April 16-May 9, 1917 A costly strategic victory greets French forces led by Robert Nivelle versus Germany and Fritz von Below.

VICTORY 1918 Second Battle of the Marne - 1918 A lead-French force beats back the German advance with help from British, Italian and American forces.

DRAW 1918 Third Battle of the Aisne - May 27-June 6, 1918 French, British and American forces halt the German advance.

VICTORY 1918 Battle of Belleau Wood - June 1-26, 1918 France, Britain and the United States led by John J. Pershing and James Harbord are victorious over the German Empire and Crown Prince Wilhelm.

VICTORY 1918 Battle of Chateau-Thierry - July 18, 1918 The combined French and American force (largely American) succeeds in taking the Germans by surprise.

VICTORY 1918 Battle of Amiens - August 8-11, 1918 French, British, Canadian and Australian forces are victorious over Germany.

VICTORY 1922 Battle of Maysalun - 1922 French forces rout the Syrian army.

DEFEAT 1940 Battle of France - May 10, 1940-June 22, 1940 In defense of France proper, French, British, Polish, Belgium and Dutch armies are defeated by the combined Axis powers of Germany and Italy.

DEFEAT 1940 Battle of Dunkirk - May 26, 1940-June 4, 1940 Britain and France are soundly beaten by the advancing German army, with hundreds of thousands of survivors eventually seeking refuge across the English Channel in Britain and northern France formally falling to German occupation.

VICTORY 1941 Battle of Koufra - 1941 French forces, led by LeClerc, defeat the Italians.

VICTORY 1944 Battle of Normandy - June 6, 1944-August 25, 1944 Foreign forces made up of British, Canadian and American troops gain the advantage on behalf of France against the Germans in a large-scale amphibious invasion. Not so much a victory BY France as a victory FOR it.

VICTORY 1944 Operation Dragoon - 1944 Tassigny and his French forces liberate the towns of Toulon and Marseilles from German control.

VICTORY 1945 April 21st, 1945 French forces cross the Danube River and repel German SS counterattacks.

DEFEAT 1954 Battle of Dien Bien Phu - November 20, 1953-May 7, 1954 French forces led by Christian de Castries put up a valiant defense against overwhelming odds, eventually surrendering to the advancing Viet Minh led by Vo Nguyen Giap.

DEFEAT 1962 Algerian Independence - 1962 After years of urban and rural warfare, French forces leave colonial Algeria, earning the African country its formal independence.

VICTORY 1991 Operation Desert Storm - January 15, 1991 A limited contingent of French forces, as part of a greater global alliance, assist in the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation.

DRAW 1994 Operation Turquoise - 1994 Under the banner of the United Nations, a small French force attempts to provide safety to those civilians caught in the middle of the Rwandan genocide, claiming that tens of thousands of lives were saved by the intervention.

VICTORY 2002 Mission Heracles - 2002 Participating in the War in Afghanistan alongside primary players US and Britain, a French force conducts 140 successful air sorties against suspected Taliban positions before standing down.

VICTORY 2003 Cote d'Ivoire - January 2003 French peace-keeping forces succeed in stabilization of lawless western border.

VICTORY 2006 Operation Baliste - July 2006 The French Navy is successful in extracting nearly 15,000 people to safety, an operation brought about by the 2006 Lebanon War.

DRAW 2011 Libyan Intervention - (Ongoing) French aircraft, as part of a UN contingent, fly strike missions against the Army of al-Gaddafi in enforcement of a "No-Fly Zone" meant to protect Libyan civilians.

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#3 8 years ago

It's funny because the French have had more military victories than the Americans have, from a "no help from allies" perspective. I'm not even sure if the Americans are competent enough to win by themselves anymore. =p

But if the French weren't such pussies, World War 2 could have been ended shortly after it started. :cort:

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#4 8 years ago

What are you guiz talking about? "France" is another one of those fictitious countries, like "Belgium."


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#5 8 years ago


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#6 8 years ago

Funny thing Schofield:

I KNEW somebody would post something like that and I actually made a word document with people names in order or likely-ness to do so with YOU being at the top. If only you could see the last edited on preferances so you knew how predictable you are.

(also I see no MAJOR victory)


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#7 8 years ago

The French actually have plenty of great victories, just not in the past century or so.

But it would seem Schofield got that for you.

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#8 8 years ago

Granyaski;5584384Funny thing Schofield:

I KNEW somebody would post something like that and I actually made a word document with people names in order or likely-ness to do so with YOU being at the top. If only you could see the last edited on preferances so you knew how predictable you are.

(also I see no MAJOR victory)

The fact that you felt the need to do that to begin with is sort of unnerving. Or you're just lying.

Also, of course. I always try to make posts like that; it's not a matter of predictability, it's a matter of the same joke being repeated hundreds of times. When the same joke is made X number of times I feel the need to start dismissing it as an actual joke. Even if people don't find it funny, it's still annoying to see it pop up so many times.

If you really did make a list, I'm honored to be in first place, just shows that I'm the most bored of the joke being over-used.


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#9 8 years ago