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#1 13 years ago

pingpong zegt: Did you hug Zab when you saw him? Rob/Dönitz zegt: i refuse to comment on tha question Zab zegt: ... pingpong zegt: I'll take it as a yes. Zab zegt: Rob/Dönitz zegt: thats what you want to hear you sick maniac! Zab zegt: Rob is just huggable. pingpong zegt: Did you give him the Euro two kisses on the cheeks? pingpong zegt: He likes that Zab zegt: If it's what you want to hear.. Rob/Dönitz zegt: 3... 3 kisses Red Menace zegt: four! pingpong zegt: ..oh god Zab zegt: WE HAD GAY SEX FOR 4 HOURS PING PONG. pingpong zegt: SAY IT AGAIN? Rob/Dönitz zegt: left cheeck, right cheeck, left. OR right, left, right Zab zegt: ... pingpong zegt: I take him seriously. Zab zegt: is it a science? Rob/Dönitz zegt: well Zab ain't a gal so i couldnt give him the 3 kisses Zab zegt: yep pingpong zegt: ... Zab zegt: rob didnt know the ghetto handshake so i couldn't use it ='( Red Menace zegt: omg pingpong zegt: I wish you took a picture of it so I could photoshop it like an ass in photoshop. Damn Rob/Dönitz zegt: besides i would ask permision in advance anyway "can i greet you as a friend the euro way?" " uhm sure?" *kisses* *gets slapped* --------------------------------- Oh and yes i would give female friends 3 kises on the cheeks but i would ask first winkx.gif