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#1 4 years ago

[16:56:40] no step on smek [16:56:42] Adrian: Glare tints, yes. Yes, the last loaded model, so it saves a step. [16:56:50] no step on smek! [16:56:52] Adrian: .... Yes. Yes, you need to step up to github. [16:57:12] Smek Adrian [16:57:14] Adrian: No, adrian. [16:57:19] No Smek [16:57:21] Adrian: Plain english? Yes, yes. Yes there is more accurate than cement. [16:57:21] *, [16:57:33] Smek Wisdom? [16:57:34] Adrian: W00t i can using common words of wisdom. [16:57:37] No, but it does make me horny. [16:57:44] Smek Zephyr? [16:57:45] Adrian: Fuck you zephyr. [16:57:47] About half-past three, I think. [16:57:57] Smek Zephyr so it's a date? [16:57:59] Adrian: Serio: your date is so shit. Zephyr has them. [16:58:01] more fun than a bucket of anchovies [16:58:02] ...? [16:58:05] lol

"I'd shush her zephyr." ~ Zephyr.