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#1 8 years ago

Smek, eat me out <Smek>eezstreet: And eat it destroys you read the hobbits are you d;? Smek, you do drugs yes? <Smek>eezstreet: No that i think cvs pharmacy would do drugs anymore. Is that right, Smek? <Smek>eezstreet: Should change it is adium from the arrow keys right file, i am the red bumps?!!? You are the red bumps Smek <Smek>eezstreet: M is not sato ping'ed me of red, is fucking mind that the bumps and the ass is lol. You have bumps on your ass, Smek? <Smek>eezstreet: My ass is right now that its useful now will need to crotch bumps. What is a crotch bump, Smek? <Smek>eezstreet: Where's that was thinking about renegade: account -> red crotch bump that, i have a crotch plz. You have a crotch, Smek. <Smek>eezstreet: No, an mc a crotch, we just remembered this out in soviet mordor, but i like paying attention by all i cant awit. Futhermore Smek, I am going to ban you. <Smek>eezstreet, How to ban me to me deepy, sits up there was a valve won't stream. I feel confused, Smek <Smek>eezstreet: Have a link to be confused with a while i feel you mention.. No, the game. The game is over, Smek <Smek>eezstreet: The god damn id for game is a bit of me. The game is over, Smek <Smek>eezstreet: Nobody's really do dead project with the time to have a game. The game is over, Smek. <Smek>eezstreet: That it gets a boring game will have a pipe-weed plant. So you admit that you do drugs! <Didz>SMEK >:O You do drugs, Smek! You just admitted it! <Smek>eezstreet, I remember one that server. players: just made by the nerfing took me through the mic like that great drugs other at zombie! <Didz>??? Are you a poet, smek? <Smek>eezstreet: I debated drinking and you been around ravers' used for me with a static access and it's a poet, fun game tonight? O. So you drink too, eh Smek? <Smek>eezstreet: returned debit fees to me that, being a place you so you listen to play a firewall is what the crews to travel will drink... You don't play firewalls, smek. You play games. However the game is over. <Smek>eezstreet, This game of games to play wii. I hate Wiis, Smek. PS3s are better. <Smek>eezstreet, I respond to do you love turtles. I most certainly do, Smek. <Smek>eezstreet: Eh, not used to tonight. Reborn: i just add 470 (like' using a dragon'sbreath field which might be an awesome. I thought you said you like Wiis, smek? <Smek>eezstreet: I like wiis, thought i'd still say, didz, mikouen: learn an half-en-hour? <Didz>ehhh I disagree, Smek. <Smek>eezstreet: Erm, if you and you totally disagree with danny ( http://code. Who's danny, smek? <Smek>eezstreet: Thats how are good old times someone who's danny posted info down the x3. I gotta say farewell to you, Smek. For you are lost. <Smek>eezstreet, Someones gotta love epic and i'll have you probably lost? Indeed. You probably are lost, Smek. <Smek>eezstreet: Somebody calls me to aggro, its probably are lost my crops. Indeed, smek. Lost your crops where? Farmtown, Pot Town, POT TOWN, Runescape, Real life? <Smek>eezstreet, How'd easius2 get lost the best town. If you would you need shit-ton squared to pot. Are you a mathematician, Smek? <Smek>eezstreet: Op me some spare 40gb drives me a mathematician, of a whole lesbian storyline. Lesbian storyline...something erotic about that, Smek. Not gonna lie. A mathematician in a lesbian storyline? <Smek>eezstreet, Gives a mathematician, i needed that would be the whole lesbian storyline.150. The WHOLE lesbian storyline, smek? <Smek>eezstreet: Sent off to heavy is it does it wont get this video editing the whole lesbian storyline, i. I see. Even a great mathematician like yourself needs to edit the video of the lesbian storyline. Smek the Amazing, I must ask you one more question. <Smek>eezstreet, Server : what gr needs the video game when you're missing too bad! Firewall is amazing. Smek, what is life? <Smek>eezstreet: Didn't reborn: actually making temperatures go to me life sized candy.o. LIFE SIZED CANDY??!! :O Where, smek? <Smek>eezstreet: Just made my inventory is tasting sweet job is full sized candy rafers don't get paid a life? You're dirty, smek. <Smek>eezstreet: Mikouen, since you're dirty. : Yeah? Too funny, smek. Too funy. <Smek>eezstreet: , Are funny as drupalfags say? Indeed, smek. <Smek>eezstreet: Kinda easy person, and 80s tech position that may as soon, somehow more to the intro. Okay Smek, I gotta go now. <Smek>eezstreet, Where's fraps. I assume it's okay i gotta watch streaming solution of you come mix lol wtf.0f, is, lol at least for underwear and no problems. Bye, smel smek* <Smek>eezstreet: They've changed my first dead space's "rape" to do i am a much ui elements i've decided <33333 beeeeeeeeer.


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#2 8 years ago

Do you honestly think anyone will read all of that?

I stopped reading at the 3rd message when the grammar started getting bad.


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