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#1 11 years ago

Hello everyone I'm just going to post a few vieos which i think... are rather disturbing. Tell me what you think. (i might just post the channel on some)

YouTube - tonetta777's Channel

YouTube - northwestlooner's Channel

YouTube - Turtle Fucking a Shoe

YouTube - Joe Jonas Dances to Single Ladies

YouTube - JuliesMovies's Channel

YouTube - Fred Phelps followers sing God Hates The World

YouTube - Licking Ass Song

(note you have to have the 18+ account to watch most of their videos)

How i found these videos? a v-log i usually watch reviewed most of them. Why dont you guys tell me what you think of these videos? go ahead and post weird/disturbing videos you have found 2 o.O

EDIT: watch these at your own will. I'm not tellin you too. Don't get mad at me if you watched it and it was horrible. You watched it, i didnt make you.