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Johnny was a normal lad who liked his trousers iron clad. He walked one day into the shop for to see good items for his crop

For farmer was the labor his, says I yes, a farmer was Johnny Fists. And he would care for his corn n' wheat and his barley for a treat.

On the second day of June, that day, he saw some crows by the hay For moving were they for to eat, which Johnny Fists took with heat.

As crows do ruin crops by tonnes, so he swiftly went for his stones And as he swung across the land, a crow would shit right in his hand

The crow says he "Johnny Fists, don't you dare aim that at my tits" "For children mine are those nestlings, and I'm gonna fuck your shit up motherfucker if you don't stop fucking around, it's not your fucking land you up-tight SOB, it's motherfucking nature and it belonged to me first you crap-head or else I'll pop a motherfucking cap in yo ass, punk"

From that day, Johnny Fists lives in a mental hospital.


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