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#1 4 years ago

It's called "see if posting publicly that an admin moved threads and deleted posts and closed threads that aren't against the forum-wide rules (I checked - they were only against GD rules (off-topic), hence the move to justify the deletes) gets you banned". And no, this doesn't qualify as a personal attack. There are zero insults going on, nothing inflammatory, etc, just a statement of things that have happened. Fancypants is a person and 90% (or more!) of him is probably pretty cool and made of lasers/flowers. In fact his posts on German politics are pretty interesting.

I have 20$ on being temp banned for 3 days with the reason of "you're a poop face", and 50$ on this thread being closed.

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#2 4 years ago

Arguments can get a little heated, that is forgiveable. You can have differences on how to resolve an issue and then maybe talk it through (unfortunately some immature people don't want to). You can even complain to the superiors about what you deem to be unfair behavior. But you cannot then go to the spam forum and post another thread to get the most out of your drama show.


edit: the less flattering version of Toph's post I read was edited a bunch of times, I'm too lazy to restore it though. Also unlocked the thread as getting your thread moderated shouldn't be associated with a financial reward.



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#3 4 years ago

Wait, what?



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#4 4 years ago

Dammit guys, our forum's already too small for us to be dividing ourselves again. Let's all play nice.


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#5 4 years ago

And that, ladies and Mentlegen, is why we shouldn't have serious discussions in Spam.

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#6 4 years ago


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#7 4 years ago

What a fantastic movie.


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#8 4 years ago

I ooooonce saw Toph; But noooow I don't; It loooooks like heeeeee got baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanned!

But nooooooow the spam; Is muuuuuch less cool; And IIIIIIIIII want Toooooph baaaaaaaaack.

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#9 4 years ago

Jesus Christ.

I honestly thought this board was past this kind of petty shit. I like you Toph but sort your shit out mate. =p

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#10 4 years ago

Oh Toph. :cort: