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24th September 2007

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#1 8 years ago

That's right everybody, Dragonelf here with another LP. One that he hopefully won't lose interest in. This time we'll be playing Fallout New Vegas, but instead of working through the hassle of waiting for character creation, I've gone ahead and created a roman centurion. We will be playing with mods, but only Unlimited Companions and the DLC's.

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Uuuugh. I hate hangovers. Wh-Where am I?

You're awake. How bout that? Whaaa? Who's there?

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Who the heck are you?

Whoa, whoa whoa. Easy there. Easy.... You've been out cold a couple of day's now. Why don't you just relax a second? Get your bearings. Let's see what the damage is. How bout your name? Can you tell me your name? I-I'm Titus Equi Priscus. Last Centurion of The Roman Empire.

A few delusions, nothing out of the ordinary.

Excuse me? What did you say?

Oh nothing. Nothing at all. That's What I thought.

Name's Doc Mitchell. Welcome to Goodsprings. Now, I hope you don't mind, but I had to go rootin' around in your noggin to pull all the bits of lead out. I take pride in my needlework, but you better tell me if I left anything out of place.

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Woah woah woah Doc. What the heck is this thing?

It's a mirror. Ain't you ever seen one of these before?

No. No I haven't Doc.

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This sure is a fancy mirror. But yeah, this looks... familiar. Except for the nose. Did you break my freaking nose?

Well I got most of it right. Stuff that mattered. Okay. No sense keepin' you in bed anymore. Let's see if we can get you on your feet.

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Woah there Doc. Whatchu doin. Y u no let me stand on my own?

Good. Good. Why don't you walk down to the other end of the room? Over by that vigor tester machine. Take it slow now. It ain't a race.

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(I actually forgot to take the screen, so this will have to do for now.)

Don't know why anyone would mess with you. You could go deathclaw huntin' with a switch! What? You mean that's not normal? I do it all the time.

Why don't we take a seat over on my couch? Woah there! I don't roll that way Doc. Keep your hands off of me.

Oh no, no. I just got a few questions to ask ya. ... Fine.

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Alright. I'm gonna say a word. I want you (For the US Army) to say the first thing that comes to your head. Dog. Train.

House. Shelter.

Night. Shroud.

Bandit. Stab.

Light. Flash.

Mother. ... Regret.

Hmmm. Alright. I got some statements. I want you to tell me how much they sound like something you'd say. First one. Conflict just ain't in my nature. Disagree.

I ain't given to relyin' on others for support. Agree.

I'm always fixin' to be the center of attention Strongly Disagree.

I'm slow to embrace new ideas. I'm an Immortal Centurion from Roman times. What the heck do you think?!

Alright. That's a Strongly Disagree. Do you charge in to deal with your problems head on? Dang straight! I wouldn't be a Centurion if I didn't.

Alright, Alright.... Well I don't have nothin' to compare it too, so why don't you take a look at these results?

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Yeah that looks about right. Got anything else?

Yeah. Before you go, I got a form for you fill out. Just a formality really. Ain't like I expect a family history of gettin' shot in the head. Doc. We didn't even have guns when my family was around.

... Just fill out the form.

Fine fine. Here ya go.

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We done now?

Yeah. Come with me. I'll see you out.

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Alright. See ya Doc.

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AAAAAAAAAH. THE LIGHT. IT BURNS. Alright, now let's see what I really look like.

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Alright guys, where should we go now? I'll obviously be playing in the style of a Roman Centurion, but you get to guide me.




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8th October 2005

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#2 8 years ago

[SIZE="5"]BUDDY!!! You're still alive![/SIZE] :love: :love: :love:

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#3 8 years ago

[COLOR="Magenta"]Yay! Dragonelf LPs are back![/COLOR]

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#4 8 years ago

Murder everyone in Goodsprings as you try to rebuild the Roman Empire!



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#5 8 years ago

Murder everyone in the roman empire as you try to rebuild godsprings!