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#1 6 years ago

This was just now.

"guest-15581 entered the room. *Type /help for a list of commands.* [10:18 AM] guest-15581 changed nickname to comptuerpriest1 [10:41 AM] guest-15764 entered the room. [10:42 AM] guest-15764 changed nickname to z [10:42 AM] z: hey [10:42 AM] z: u here [10:42 AM] comptuerpriest1: hey [10:42 AM] z: ? [10:42 AM] z: what r u doing alone [10:42 AM] z: lol [10:42 AM] comptuerpriest1: masturbating [10:42 AM] z: oh my lord [10:43 AM] comptuerpriest1: lol [10:43 AM] z: is it a gaming room [10:43 AM] comptuerpriest1: j/k [10:43 AM] comptuerpriest1: yes, it is [10:43 AM] z: ok so which games do u play? will u suggest me few [10:43 AM] comptuerpriest1: good games [10:44 AM] comptuerpriest1: I personally recommend Capitalism II [10:44 AM] z: aha which is the best game PLAYED WITH MOUSE ONLY [10:44 AM] z: ? [10:44 AM] comptuerpriest1: Freece [10:44 AM] comptuerpriest1: *Freecell [10:45 AM] z: i have already done it [10:45 AM] comptuerpriest1: not every game though [10:45 AM] z: any shooting game? will do that first to u [10:45 AM] z: lolz [10:46 AM] comptuerpriest1: mmmmmmmmmk [10:46 AM] z: i m new how do i broadcast my video or audio? [10:47 AM] comptuerpriest1: Just click on the Start Broadcasting butto [10:47 AM] z: ok [10:49 AM] z: i cant hear on my head phone [10:49 AM] z: ? [10:49 AM] comptuerpriest1: I can [10:50 AM] z: ahan nice so video is also like this [10:50 AM] z: thanks [10:50 AM] comptuerpriest1: np [10:50 AM] z: u r in some other room as well [10:50 AM] z: or listening music [10:50 AM] comptuerpriest1: no [10:51 AM] z: or u r a crazy person just sitting alone here [10:51 AM] comptuerpriest1: waiting on some other guys from the forusm [10:51 AM] comptuerpriest1: *forums [10:52 AM] z: ok one more question [10:52 AM] z: if u r playing freecell [10:52 AM] z: can u show it here? [10:52 AM] z: or u need a program? [10:52 AM] comptuerpriest1: you need a program [10:52 AM] comptuerpriest1: ManyCam - Home - webcam graphics plus use your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously! [10:53 AM] z: ahan & in some rooms if u need to broadcast its not happening? its in hands of administrat [10:53 AM] comptuerpriest1: yes [10:53 AM] z: ahan & here their is no! [10:54 AM] comptuerpriest1: they're not on rightnow [10:54 AM] comptuerpriest1: * [10:54 AM] comptuerpriest1: this place has been pretty dormant as of late [10:55 AM] z: ahan ok [10:55 AM] z: anyways [10:56 AM] z: i need to go u come here often ? i will come back next time [10:56 AM] comptuerpriest1: occasionally [10:56 AM] z: ok bro see u next time [10:56 AM] comptuerpriest1: l8rs [10:57 AM] z: God Bless u & help u in life & hereafter [10:57 AM] z: tc [10:57 AM] comptuerpriest1: kk [10:57 AM] comptuerpriest1: u2 [10:58 AM] z: & repent ok paradise is waiting for only righteous people ! [10:58 AM] z: so be a good boy God will help uu in life [10:58 AM] z: tc peace be with u [10:58 AM] z left the room."

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#2 6 years ago
computernerd;5616621[10:58 AM] z: tc peace be with u [10:58 AM] z left the room.

And an extra piece for you. :naughty:



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#3 6 years ago


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