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10th May 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Now, I am a member at another forum (no link, but it is well known) and me and a super mod got into a conversation about a show. Now, how about I post the image he used to burn my iiii's? OK! assDance_shin_200.gif I warned you. NO SPOILERZ! The convo:

I wrote: So, Chainz. How Does it feel to be admired by a 6 year old who loves to shake his... err... hind quaters? Chainz wrote: uBer! :D
Spoiler: Show
I wrote: *gag* The Show is fine. (Now, only if there were less booty shaking scenes) Chainz wrote: :lol: Thar, I put-ed a spoiler screen 2 sav ur iiiiii's (he edited his last comment to have a spoiler tag)co I wrote: Good. Nao muh iiii's burn 4 1 less reason :lol:

Beware Spam. I shall plant this image where you least expect it....