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#1 11 years ago

I created this post so I can make it easier for you guys who want to earn some quick cash online and especially for the beginners. Therefore, it will benefit everyone who uses my guide! Here are the instructions to get you guys started. 1) Making Cash-Out Accounts First of all you should make Cash-Out accounts; you may have some of them already, if you don't go to: Alertpay: Paypal: Registering is free of charge and can be done in a few minutes. 2) Registering at PTC sites Yes i know, now you're starting to say: man this is nonsense, I've been there and done that etc, it doesn’t work.. It does work but you need perseverance. In the end, you’ll get rewarded. I’ve already earned well over 800 dollars with these 3 PTC sites alone: Note: There are no disadvantages or negative effects for signing up under my referral and you can thank me through this gesture. 3) Making the Money Your Earnings Example (from 1 PTC site) » You click around 10 ads per day = $0.10 (» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00 (automatically, if you tell them about the program) » Your daily earnings = $2.10 » Your weekly earnings = $14.70 » Your monthly earnings = $63.00 Not bad huh? If your family and friends create accounts on all 3 sites + you buy 20 referrals on each site, it will be $63 x 3 = $189/Month!! 4) Depositing your Cash This occurs when actually deposit your cash to your Alertpay/Paypal account. They really pay, it only takes some time. Some PTC sites deposit instantly, some take a few weeks. Just look for the "Deposit" button and click on it, and you will able to cashout when you meet the requirements Good luck in producing a lot of cash out of these 3 sites!I do want to hear your feedback tho!