My Stepdad Is Such A Racist F*cker! 22 replies

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9th October 2007

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#21 9 years ago
Silberio;5259714Why don't you try makin' a serious and calmed conversation? Apeal to his mature side or try make him respect you by knowing each other better. (talking, sharing knowledge, etc.)

Well, that's a pretty good idea, my dear friend.



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#22 9 years ago

Older people tend not to care about logic or civility. You (most of the time) cant change their attitudes.

My grandfather fought in Guadacanal in WW2. He, until the day he died, hated the Japanese people down the street. Even tho they never served in the military of ANY country, he hated them with a passion. He didnt go around making comments about how he hated them tho, he just didnt go around them and kept the hatred to himself.

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27th February 2010

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#23 9 years ago
schofield;5259773go on a vacation to serbia with him.