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7th December 2005

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#1 15 years ago

Well folks,i saw that on another Forum,so i thought to start one here. The rules are,nothing serious or politic or something else like that.Just weird stuff is accepted,the Words you write should be pure rubbish but still consequent.In one Word,create a insane Story. Once there was a Asshole sitting on a tree,as a Bird moved by.The Bird wonders why theres a Asshole sitting and what its doing there."Peep Peep" says the Bird but the Asshole wasnt reacting.Then the Asshole sayed "im so bored i sit here on the Tree and got no Friends,would you be my friend","no spitting please"says the Bird whipping the shit out of his Face."So why you are alone,sitting on the Tree","No one wants to be my friend,there not talking to me","But why" the Bird is ironically asking."hmmm...maybe cause im such a Asshole" says the Asshole."But maybe they dont understand you,you should try my language,try to peep",the Asshole forms his rosetta into the shape of some Lipps that try to Peep,but out comes a Fard.The Bird is starting to laugh,as suddenly.........

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8th July 2005

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#2 15 years ago

The asshole falls right out of the tree."What the hell" the bird laughs,"how did you manage that"."I was trying to bloody peep" said the asshole,"ive had enough of this now,i cant be bothered to climb the bloody tree again".As the asshole walks off the bird asks "soo...where ya going","the shopping mall" the asshole replied."Well i need to get some worms so ill come with ya" remarked the bird.

So as the asshole entered the mall with bird perched on his shoulder,a man ran towards him and shouted..........................