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#1 7 years ago

Okay, so we're launching a new site (First rule of new site: do not talk about new site), it's designed to be the home of all things gaming montage related, and we have been eagerly anticipating our official launch of 3rd of April.

We want YOUR clips, they can be anything, as long as they are up to a high standard, recorded well and well edited, the sooner you submit one the more likely to grab one of our launch day homespots, so get cracking.

We also have a 'Montage of the week', which is selected by me, of the montage which has impressed me the most, there is a competition to win a free capture card also.

To submit, email: His name was Robert Paulson.

Admin of BestMontages :beer:


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18th July 2008

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#2 7 years ago

Great name.

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#3 7 years ago

Shameless advertiser. Do you not know shame?


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#4 7 years ago

I am the king of all colons... Also, I'm letting people know that they can submit their clips, because a lot of people have montages they want to show, I'm not exactly spamming :)

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#5 7 years ago

This is the spam forum sir, anything posted in here is spam!



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#6 7 years ago

This thread contains no bacon, therefore it is fail.

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