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#11 11 years ago
rebornintheglory;4559511Try and drag book out of there if you have the chance.[/quote] Which one of them? I'll quote The Naked Gun 33½; "This place changes people".
BadHairDay;4559524Yea, but those are all 1 post guys who leave right after! This one had over 7k!

Nice sense of morality. They leave right after? Let them die. They stay here for a bit? STOP THE PRESS! [quote=book;4559601]I'm not playing Spore.

bbl terraforming is done



in response to killer kyle

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10th May 2008

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#12 11 years ago
Serio;4559448My basement has absorbed Spore! I went in after it, but it seems to be drawing me near now too! Should i bring any messages to those trapped there?

Yes. Tell them this: TAKETHISCAT.jpg

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