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#1 14 years ago

Do any of you ever visit http://www.sniffpetrol.com/ ? Someone at work (an MD, as it happens -- I love working there) showed it to me this afternoon. I think it is mildly hysterical, and I'm glad to see a website taking a stand against mopeds!


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22nd September 2002

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#2 14 years ago


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28th November 2003

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#3 14 years ago

"Americans may even have taken to the last resort of 'walking'. "I saw this guy yesterday, he was moving along the street but he didn't have a car," said one shocked eye witness. "He was kind of moving his legs systematically, one after the other to achieve some sort of forward motion. I can't say how, but it sure looked like he was doing this without burning any gas whatsoever. May God have mercy on us all".


Hilarious site Matt! *adds to favourites*

"WHAT THE HELL IS 'A SAAB'?" DEMANDS GM EXECUTIVE "There were shockwaves in Detroit last week after Jack Tungsten, GM's Vice Executive Deputy Chairman of Brand Strategy & Management, sent out an urgent command to his staff, ordering them to find out what exactly 'a SAAB' was. The senior manager was apparently perplexed after seeing the word on an internal document along with a note explaining that GM owned this so-called 'SAAB' and had done for several years. "What the hell is 'a SAAB'?" the gnarly old car boss bellowed from his top floor office in GM HQ, "Anyone know? What does it mean? What does it stand for?*" he hollered, finally adding in frustration, "Is there anyone in the world who knows what 'SAAB' is all about?" Tragically, there isn't. Tungsten immediately dispatched his staff to investigate this mysterious 'SAAB'. Within hours they had returned with several possible solutions, including the suggestions that 'SAAB' was a low-cost furniture store or perhaps a four piece beat combo specialising in guitar and keyboard-based pop hits. One thing was certain; the 'SAAB' seemed to be Swedish. "Damn those Scandinavians," Tungsten was heard to mutter having assembled five items of flat pack furniture and listened to six hours of melodic, if lyrically sometimes weak, up-tempo pop, all in the name of research. "Those blonde bastards sure love their four letter acronyms," he added. As Sniff Petrol went to press the GM team were no closer to finding out exactly what 'SAAB' was, never mind resolving what they were going to do with it, if they found out. We tried to contact 'SAAB' for ourselves but somehow ended up talking to Bjorn Borg. "Do you like movies?" the tennis star asked. "I'm not wearing any pants," he added cheekily before Sniff Petrol put the phone down and went to hide in the other room."


GM can go to hell :nodding:.

*SAAB stands for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget. Translated to "Swedish aeroplane corporation".