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Ok ... so my Moderator account decided it was going to error out and not pet me post anything anywhere in the Forums. So i had to create another account to test if this was the problem. I have deleted cookies trimmed files out of temp and so on. So... now i need to see if i can post. If i can post with this account that means there is something wrong with my other account. If there is, can some lucky Network GOD give me a hand on this ? Other account name: MerrickDS [editedby="Merrick"] Ok .. Looks like it posted. Which means my moderator account is FUBARRED. Can i get a merger of posts and a reset of moderator privvys? Or my other account fixed? Thanks .... [/editedby]

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You can contact an Admin through the usual staff way if you are staff and your "moderator" account is not working...

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