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#1 13 years ago

By the way, in order for you to understand this, you will need to learn Frenglais.

[17:47] clavier38: helo [17:47] Pathfinder05: hi [17:47] Pathfinder05: What languages do you speak? [17:47] Pathfinder05: french? [17:47] clavier38: yes and you§? [17:48] Pathfinder05: I speak English and pretty good German [17:48] Pathfinder05: Alleman [17:48] Pathfinder05: :P [17:48] clavier38: oki me juste english en french [17:49] clavier38: have you a photografia [17:49] clavier38: for me [17:49] Pathfinder05: no [17:49] clavier38: a send for me [17:49] Pathfinder05: I don't have one [17:49] clavier38: oki po grave [17:50] clavier38: chere iyou love in your life [17:50] clavier38: ? [17:50] Pathfinder05: Canada [17:51] clavier38: oki [17:51] clavier38: have you a blog? [17:51] Pathfinder05: I had one, but not now. [17:52] clavier38: why? [17:52] Pathfinder05: I never worked on it. [17:53] clavier38: a ok lol have you a girlfriend? [17:53] Pathfinder05: Yes [17:54] clavier38: ok [17:54] Pathfinder05: sorry [17:54] clavier38: why sorry? [17:54] clavier38: is not grave [17:55] Pathfinder05: You sounded sad for a second [17:57] clavier38: no why i am a boy [17:58] Pathfinder05: Alright, I was thinking you were a girl. :S [18:00] clavier38: i am sorry [18:00] clavier38: for yoou [18:00] Pathfinder05: haha. Why, I am fine. [18:00] clavier38: a ouff lol me to [18:01] Pathfinder05: Well, I guess we shouldn't look on the internet for women. ;) [18:03] clavier38: lol why? its steps a crime lol [18:04] Pathfinder05: A crime, looking for women. That's new. [18:08] clavier38: yes my I plaisente because I does it ossi and of aillor jai to find my girlfriend on the Net [18:09] Pathfinder05: You need to order a Russian girlfriend by mail. [18:10] clavier38: why? [18:11] Pathfinder05: it is easy [18:12] clavier38: very easy May good me has more the right because I am taken I have a girlfriend just like you [18:13] Pathfinder05: You have a girl friend just like me? But I'm a man.