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ANZACSASSpeak English damnit.

That's quite possibly the most gramatically correct sentance you've produced in a long time. :p

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WikiWhy did you edit my post?

Because you double posted within a timespan of 10 minutes. I merged the posts.


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Admiral DonutzSieg Heil?

Btw he wasn't a nazi. :p

"What would have become of our country today if the Fuehrer had not united us under National Socialism. Split by parties, beset with the spreading poison of Jewry and vulnerable to it, because we lacked the defence of our present uncompromising ideology, we would long since have succumbed under the burden of this war, and delivered ourselves up to the enemy who would have mercilessly destroyed us."

Karl Dönitz (Heroes' Day, 12 March 1944)

At least Mel Gibson was drunk.