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15th March 2005

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#31 8 years ago

Lindale;5391438 [COLOR=orange]Normally, the Spam Forum and the Leisure Games Forum do not add to your total post count. When [COLOR=red]nOe[/COLOR] enacted unlimited post counts for the Spam Forum, it was in fact, meant to be only for the past weekend. During that time, all past posts were also counted. It all was only meant to be temporary, to add a little more fun to the forums, but not to be permanent. At the end of the weekend, [COLOR=red]nOe[/COLOR] reset the counters, erasing all of your Spam posts from your total count.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=orange]It was just one of the many games you will see around here, like the recent avatar games, or last week's rep games, or even the occasional name-change amnesties. They are meant to keep the forums from becoming monotonous, and to give you something special to look forward to.[/COLOR]

Stop making serious posts in my spam forum.


is gay.

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16th August 2008

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#32 8 years ago
Serious business? IN MY SPAM FORUM? It's more likely than you think. [COLOR=blue]Free PC check![/COLOR]

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11th November 2003

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#33 8 years ago
Inyri Forge;5391482Stop making serious posts in my spam forum.

Or at least stop doing it with that terrible font.

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18th July 2003

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#34 8 years ago

Post counts are, in fact, srs bzns.

(hint: satire implied)