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#61 9 years ago

SeinfeldRules;4916558With the recent appointment of myself and Comrade Red Menace to positions of power in this glorious forum, the time for revolution has come. Despite the recent loss in the obviously rigged Spam Forum elections, the S.P.A.M. Party has again risen to power and will serve the glorious people and workers of Spam! People of Spam, follow us in revolution, throw off your oppressive shackles and take your rightful place in the sun!

The following edicts will take effect immediately: 1. The creation of the NKVD, to deal with the enemies of the glorious SPAM peoples. 2. Banning of all religion and worshiping of false gods. The People's Revolution shall not be hindered by such pettiness. 3. Llamas and ZOMBO are now considered enemies of the people, and all those who support and use them shall be purged. 4. The Staff Party shall be opened for all to post. Private threads are a sign of aristocracy and aristocrats are enemies of the glorious workers of SPAM. 5. The Red Thread is the only color thread. All other colors are enemies of the state and their supporters will be purged. Their threads will only exist in exile. 6. LOLLIPOPS FOR EVERYONE.

Further edicts shall be decreed as necessary.

If I get my Lolly you can do what you want to me :naughty:


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#62 9 years ago


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#63 9 years ago

Shit, that be poison?


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#64 9 years ago

The sweetest of all poisons.