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9th October 2007

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#1 7 years ago

... And suddenly, while the teacher was telling us to translate the random numbers she yelled to German, a T-rex dressed like a freakin Sauerkraut entered the classroom and excused himself for the time... Now where's the flaw? You might think it's the fact that he came to the class about 40 mins after it started... But NO.

Can you believe this guy, the T-Rex, ate the guy that sat beside me?? And he was on my fucking wrok-group!! :mad: Well, I had to finish the work alone, while the T-Rex kept bragging over his Kraut-costume... Fuck, I covet it.

Anyhow, it ended and I went to my locker, just to discover that the T-rex had got sick and puked the half digested rests of the guy he ate... RIGHT BESIDE MY LOCKER!!!

So I went to the room where the guards are... They were eating cinnamon buns imported from København... The problem is, I can't find my leather gloves; any ideas of where they are? The cold is coming here and the ice-cold wind is a meanie to the skin in my hands.