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3rd July 2004

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1.Transparent ink. 2.A glow in the dark combat uniform. 3.An underwater hairdryer 4.A submarine witha screen door. 5.See though blinds. 6.Submarine with sun roof 7.Dehydrated water. 8.A cordless bungee jump. 9.Do it yourself video on how to hook-up a VCR 10.A Pedal powered wheelchair 11.A black highlighter pen 12.Glow in the dark sunglasses 13.Non stick Cellotape 14.Solar Powered Flash Light (torch) 15.Waterproof sponge 16.Waterproof Teabags 17.Inflatable Anchor 18.Inflatable Dartboard 19.Seatbelts for Motorbikes 20.Silent Alarm Clock 21.AC adaptor for Solar powered calculators 22.Battery powered Battery Charger 23.Braille Drivers Manual 24.Double sided playing cards 25.Ejector seats for Helicopters 26.Fireproof Matches 27.Fireproof Cigeretes 28.Smooth Sandpaper 29.Hand powered Chainsaw [color=Black]And there's a few more: Re-Usable toilet paper Slack Seatbelts Inflatable Submarine [color=Black] [/color] [/color]


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13th April 2004

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