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#1 4 years ago

Stop sending me alumni letters, you little shits!

We don't have any interests or goals in common.

I'm sure that some of the teachers and some of the students share interests with me. That's not my point. My memory of the university, as an institution, is as some vast shadowy entity that I paid a bunch of money to but never really saw or understood. If we stripped the names out - such that the university was a random four digit string - and some other university was another random four digit string, and listed the values and mission statements attached to them devoid of references to geographical location, I doubt very much I could tell one university from another.

Quite frankly graduation is just a microcosm of that: You go into a hall and have someone you've never seen before in your life and never will again, but whom you've paid a great deal of money, hand you a degree - then you chant in a language you don't understand. The whole experience does little but to highlight the terrifying otherness of the institution as compared to the actual relationships that you've formed with teachers and students.

If the university's dean was Cthulu, and the students cultists, it would change the situation but a little. Though perhaps the sacrifice required would not have been so dear.



Having a field for 'because' that requires itself to be filled is either going to result in 'none of your business' or I'll speak plainly.

You don't want me to speak plainly.