Supastar had a complaint, but then he was Aero'd 22 replies

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16th January 2004

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#21 13 years ago

Unless the parent has given permission. You seem to be forgetting that part. :p


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20th August 2003

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#22 13 years ago

Eh, yeah, but aren't you agreeing to whatever seen here while here, though? The parent shouldn't give permission if they're afraid of their child seeing something like the Babe Forum.


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14th July 2004

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#23 13 years ago
S3phirothThey can be on here, the problem with being a member and posting is it makes them give information about themselves which FileFront are not allowed to do (collect information about them). As long as they aren't posting. Even if they are if the father says it;s ok then it's ok.

You've just ruined a perfectly good comeback that Ghost mentioned! :mad: No Naked Women for You :cya: