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#11 13 years ago


Work on your web page Learn to whistle 14.4/28.8 bps sounds

Juggle everything you can find

Flip through that old UNIX manual...

Read over the "membership policy" for your ISP

Forat all those AOL disks you got in the mail...

Defrag your hard drive

Work on your mIRC script

Spends hours looking for spelling mistakes on this site....(lemmie know eh?)

Eat Spam

Watch "The Sound of Music" (warning: only if REALLY REALLY REALLY bored!!)

Spell your name with mustard all over the street

Search for space anomalies

Kick/Ban....need I say more?

Sit around all day watching Leave it to Beaver

Jump up! Start running! Don't stop! (a la Forrest Gump)

Take that next call in Q...come on, you know you want to!

Format your HD, FDISK it, and then re-install your OS

Use your super-powerful Pentium 200 MMX with 128 megs of RAM to play Solitaire

Empty the Trash/Recycling Bin without looking what's it in first

Think up brand-new ways to insult AOL users

Think up brand-new ways to insult Mac users

Think up brand-new ways to insult AOL users that own Macs

Play Civilization/Privateer/Dune2 until 7 am


Learn new and exciting words by reading the dictionary


Archive the Internet to 3.5" floppy disks (low density of course)

Scan pictures for people at work

Call your ISP's tech support, and tell them this: "I can't get internet, I have a message about a DSN computer. I don't know what kind of modem I have, but it's on IRQ 13...HELP ME!"

Buy part of the [COLOR=black]Moon[/COLOR]

Or get into the hype, and buy part of [COLOR=black]Mars[/COLOR]

Translate the Bible into Huttese

Spend a few hours creating a web page in worship of your girlfriend/boyfriend/lover/husband/wife/significant other

Play with some [COLOR=black]LEGOS[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Leave the planet[/COLOR]

Crash your WinPopups (then send a global saying "pops crashed)

Learn to play the kazoo

Discover the Answer to the Ultimate Question....then the Question itself...

Build a model of the Eiffel Tower out of Belgian waffles

Study neurosurgery *OR* go to see the Care Bears movie (you can only pick 1)

Open as many Netscape / Internet Explorer windows as possible

Spend hours rebuilding your system after it crashed doing the last thing

Play the original NES version of Tetris (can you go from level 1 all the way to level 19???)

Send yourself for pizza (note: people with clones only)

Read through a stack of OLD computer magazines (I've got some as far back as 1991

Go to the Mecca of Albino Squirrels

Stalk someone

Overclock your CPU to 900 mhz (it's safe...REALLY...just don't take my word for it)

Buy some pez...mmm, pez it's not too expensive

Spend a few hours staring at the moon & stars (binoculars help, but no peeping at neighbors...well just a bit)

Work on your Russian accent

Listen to your favorite CD (or tape, or record, or 8-track for you technologically impaired) over and over and over....

Eat some twinkie-weiner sandwiches

Organize your floppy/ZIP disks

[COLOR=black]Arrest yourself[/COLOR]

Understand Simple logic (Windows 95 = MacOS 84, but MacOS 97 = Windows 95)

Take your hamster to the beach

Find the longest URL you possibly can!

Buy a souvenier miniature Ball of Twine

Go swimming

Go to your local museum, and try to get kicked out

Water the lawn (and spray annoying siblings)

Eat as many pieces of toast, loaded with tons of peanut butter, as you can

Learn to play the bagpipes

Phone in sick (but make sure your story is at least 57.6% believable)

Go to [COLOR=black]Wal-mart[/COLOR]

Slam your head against the wall

Here's one more Weird Al reference - Wind up twenty one thousand, one hundred and forty pounds of string

Look for hidden messages on web pages

Eat some Crispy Wheats & Raisins cereal

Whine about something (browser crashes is a good place to start)

Register some shareware (ha!)

Phone Home

Take an [COLOR=black]IQ test[/COLOR]

Email bomb yourself

Take a few hours out of your life to wonder how an aarkvark spends his days

Drag your Windows directory to the Recycling bin (or for you Mac guys...drag your System Folder to the trash), restart, and try to fix it

Join the Spam Club

Try to make reservations at McDonalds

Dare to be Stupid

Play leapfrog with a unicorn (let me know if you find a unicorn, so I can sell it to some zoo for tons of $$$)

Spend hours downloading large files, then delete them, download, delete....lather, rinse, repeat.

Clone yourself

Then eat some apple pie....mmm, apple pie

Eat some Ruffles BBQ chips (the best chips in the world!!!)

Chomp down some Eggo Waffles

Join AOL

Spend 2 years trying to quit AOL

Buy a hovercraft, and fill it with eels

Yell at the top volume - [COLOR=black]MOM, i'm Bored[/COLOR]

Clean your room (that's what I spent all morning doing...weee)



Correct mistakes on your webpage Stay connected to your ISP for a week straight

[COLOR=black]stick your head in a microwave and get yourself a tan[/COLOR]

Take a week of vacation from work to just sit at home and watch tons of [COLOR=black]movies[/COLOR]

Learn [COLOR=black]something[/COLOR] about yourself

Spend a few hours downloading the 1376 emails you "forgot" to delete from your email server over the last 6 months

Play Final Fantasy (the first one for NES) all afternoon (...I only got to level 11...just about to attack Lich)

Play solitaire with your mother

Fix the blinking 12:00 on your VCR

Think up inventive ways to avoid eating Tuna Noodle Casserole (yuck)

Buy a new computer

Watch all 6 Star Wars Special Edition videos in a row

Practice parallel parking (and also practice spelling parallel)

Waste 15 minutes driving to the mall on a hot tip from your sister that HMV is selling the Star Wars Special Edition Widescreen version, only to get there and the mall is closed

Eat tons of Corn Pops cereal just to get the free Batman & Robin tatooes

Plaster those free tatooes all over your body

Scan the Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy boxes (front and back)

Talk on your cell phone, rack up huge bills

Drop to a DOS prompt, and keep typing "cls" until your brain explodes

Start a scam selling Attack Jelly


Load as many programs as you can in an attempt to crash your system

Eat some Animal Crackers


Listen to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack

Watch TLC (The Learning Channel) ... there's a good show on lightning right now

Keep yourself busy for a few hours

Play tag with a telephone pole

Re-do your webpage with frames

Buy the world's most durable bread - wonder bread!

Go for a bike ride

Sing in the rain

Surf redneck style

Visit the Playground of the Seski One - [COLOR=black][/COLOR] Stop what you're doing, flick on the radio, get up and dance!

Read a [COLOR=black]book[/COLOR] till all hours of the night

Plan a trip to Idaho, just so you can watch potatos grow

Re-fill your empty ice cube trays

Brush your teeth with whatever [COLOR=black]toothpaste[/COLOR] you can find

Collect lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of drink can tabs and send them to [COLOR=black]me[/COLOR]

Play Dr. Mario (if you can beat level 20, hi speed, my hats goes off to you....I've only done it once)

Listen to [COLOR=black]MP3's[/COLOR]

Fluff your pillows

Download [COLOR=black]linux[/COLOR], the superior, and FREE Operating System

Watch [COLOR=black]SouthPark[/COLOR]

Curious as to what the weather is like where I live?

Watch more movies

Re-do your web page

Email yourself so you can have new mail

Check out the D[COLOR=black]ragon Flu webcam[/COLOR]

Try to find a decent replacement for Notepad that lets you open files larger then 30k!

Check out what the name [COLOR=black]zutroy[/COLOR] means

Set your life's ambition to become a [COLOR=black]Slacker[/COLOR]

Lefties of the world [COLOR=black]unite![/COLOR]

Eat saurkraut

Spend 11 minutes, and 22 seconds ranting about how you hate saurkraut

Fight the Quebec Language Laws for Webpages!

Discover the true meaning of [COLOR=black]teletubbies[/COLOR]

8 hours of paperwork - 'nuff said

Join the [COLOR=black]Voluntary Human Extinction Movement[/COLOR]

Virtually [COLOR=black]tip over[/COLOR] a Cow

Pack yourself in styrofoam

Order combo #1 from a random Chinese Restaurant

Drink 20 liters of [COLOR=black]Dr. pepper[/COLOR]

Seek out the [COLOR=black]paranormal[/COLOR]

Become a Rabbi, then asked yourself if you're Pretty Fly for a Rabbi

Read the [COLOR=black]ingredients[/COLOR] on the wrapper of a Wunderbar

Find your lack of [COLOR=black]pants[/COLOR] disturbing

Get un-addicted to [COLOR=black]lip blam[/COLOR]

Punch holes in your 720k floppy disks to turn them into 1.44 meg disks

Tranform your gel-wrist-pad into a snail

Read about famous Net Lore

Keep your health insurance up-to-date

Go [COLOR=black]Crazy[/COLOR]

Wish yourself a Happy Birthday

[COLOR=black]Destroy The Internet[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Warp[/COLOR] the Spice Girls

Go bowling with a bunch of friends, and steal a picnic ham from their buffet table (and claim profusely that you didn't steal it)

Dub thyself unforgiven ii

Get bubblegum stuck in your hair and try to get it out with peanut butter

Post Post-It Notes all over your house

Try to figure out what a [COLOR=black]Dalvian[/COLOR] is

Wash your car

Get root

Format all your floppy disks

Beam yourself up

Read [COLOR=black]something Awful[/COLOR]

Flip through the channels desperately looking for Macgyver, but instead find In The Heat Of The Night in it's place

Call Coca-Cola consumer information @ 1-800-438-2653

Want to know if you'll suddenly fall off the Earth? Check out the daily [COLOR=black]granity forecast[/COLOR]

Try to grow a bigger ego then [COLOR=black]wil[/COLOR]

Learn how to be an Evil Overlord in [COLOR=black]100 easy steps[/COLOR]

Go to [COLOR=black]A Galaxy Far, Far Away, where no one has gone before[/COLOR]

Check your email from a DOS command prompt

Go sing karaoke

Read about some Urban Legends

Drink some Jamaican beer


Make a fool of yourself on live world-wide-broadcast TV

Say "give me some sugar baby" to a random stranger

Rip your heart right out of your rib cage with your bare hands and then throw it on the floor and stomp on it until you die

Cook a ham

Ignore people who tell you about all the broken links on your webpage

Get unnecessary work done on your car

Spend a few hours daydreaming that you had a trillion dollars

Buy 2 bags of ice for a party and never use them

Eat some ice cream

Add some strawberries to your ice cream

Add some blueberries to your ice cream too!



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#12 13 years ago
Read [COLOR=black]something Awful

That book scares me. :( [/COLOR]


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#13 13 years ago
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Please don't kick.

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#14 13 years ago

I iz bored.


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#15 13 years ago

This site rawks.


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#16 13 years ago

The president is not in. :(


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#17 13 years ago

The President has an exam in less than two hours.

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#18 13 years ago

Im terribly sorry for leaving TS Datalord but time is running out! ahh!

[COLOR=Purple]*heads for the hills*[/COLOR]

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#19 13 years ago

When in doubt, always go for the 'Yeti' option.... yeti.jpg


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#20 13 years ago

I'm boreded.