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In the cold northern Europe, an undetermined date BCE, there was a cave dweller called Swen. He hated his neighbour, named Nor. Swen and Nor didn't get a long very well, and Den was always a mediator between them. On a cold winter's eve, Swen wrote on the outside of a cave wall "Here be Swen's Den, be ye gone, Nor and Den." Den and Nor met in secret and decided to steal the crops that Swen had sowed. The following morning, Swen spotted the two on his fields and screamed at the top of his lungs, "Den, you are my mark! Nor, go away!". Both of them being hard of hearing took this as gobbledygook, and began to chant "Denmark and Norway, Denmark and Norway".

Left on the shore of the new world, the unknown fishermans wife had endured many long nights. Where had her husband gone, and why hadn't anyone come looking for her? After two decades, a ship was finally sighted on the horizon. She climbed the nearest cliff, screaming her name "I am Erica!"

A plague had struck an unnamed town in an isolated part of Europe. The villagers sought the assistance of a local doctor, who was known to treat many illnesses with ease. When consulted by the village head, he began writing down a list of ingredients he'd need. Inspecting the list, the village leader's eyes froze at the word 'potato'. He turned to the doctor and inquired, "How many do you need?" The doctor sighed, "Gerh, many."

Not far from the plague struck town, a prisoner had been locked up in a tower. He was starving, and thirsting, and the cruel prison guards refused to help him. He had long ago lost the ability to speak properly, and the only words leaving his mouth were "Hun-graah-yyy!"