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2nd May 2016

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There once lived a great and powerful chieftain in the African savannah. His cunning generalship had led to countless victories over many of the hapless neighbouring tribes. Each time he defeated a rival chieftain on the field of battle, he would claim their throne as his own, giving it pride of place atop the growing hoard he kept in his grass palace. The day eventually came when he bested his final adversary in battle and claimed his throne, making him supreme chieftain of the savannah. Swelling with pride, he took it upon himself to personally add the final symbolic piece to the pile. As he manhandled the furniture of victory into place, however, there came a great and disgruntled rumble from the hillock of thrones. Teetering threateningly, it gave an almighty rumble and collapsed, burying the hapless chieftain in a fatal avalanche of irony and splinters. Alas, he was too prideful to heed the wisdom of his subjects when they warned him...

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Those who live in grass houses should not stow thrones.