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20th January 2006

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#1 12 years ago

Σl.Ðestructo, Never heard of.

axurit, Can't say i've heard of.

BoardTracker, :ditto: czech speacial forces, Seen him around. DarK±DuDE, Who..? Darth_muffin, Heard of him,

FatJoe, Confuzzled. GE SG Seknem, Still no, who are you? gizmo, Good man, but a Horde member :uhm: goody10, ??

helpme222, Tries too hard. hotlips, Nope. Huffardo, Don't mind 'im

Hypnotoad13, Not a bad guy Johannès, Jo-who?

joviaaldreetje, Nuh-uh Jr katarn, SW? *shrugs*

justin7942163, New here?

kel333, Not getting anything

[COLOR=darkorange]KoЯsakoff[/COLOR], Nice guy, Pirate member (FTW)

Kommandant Roβ, Good guy, great ideas. Mapster, Seen him around, seems nice masked_marsoe, :kiwi: Go you! McGibs, Mcidontknowyou MikeCrick, .? O.o? Mp5-Killa, ....? PaulMuadDib, Good name, trying a bit hard maybe.. [COLOR=darkorange]S3phiroth[/COLOR], Yay! JKA player, awesome. SNIPER-X, Nope Spartan 100, Nope

spikything, Nope

spug, Nope

stiner, Nope

Tankmeister, I know you from somewhere...

the splat in the hat, Jr Spammer, right?

The USS, Nope

Trla, Nope

Wraith 5, Quality spammer :thumbsup:

yiyun, Nope

You-Seek-Yoda, Nope

Zyar, Nope [NL]-=Mars_Ultor Nuddah.

On second though, how about we make this the, "Rate the people you have heard of online'?



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22nd August 2004

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#2 12 years ago

On third thought: This is too complicated and shouldn't be done.


I didn't make it!

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#3 12 years ago

ANZACSAS who the fuck is he? Μαjïç MushrøøM green name so i have to be nice , Alex Blaze ???? , Biggy2Guns90 funny name , bignutjob funnyer name , bizness FH fan like me , BoardTracker hi nice to meet you , cecilzero1 and you , Crimmond posted here , dan4682 seen you befor , Danimator hi , Duke of Holland Great man and a FH fan too , Emir Al-Aziz a good debater , Force hi , Gauntlet another FH fan , gizmo , Hawk24952004 hi , HKArslan FH fan (i think) , Huffardo yo , Jack77 why not 777? , Jr katarn ok??? , lunar_tick ??? , lvnmymk are we having fun? , Machony Leeoun ???? , Major A Payne ........:uhm: ,masked_marsoe :naughty: , Nemo_54 :beer: , NOTTMOTO, hi rebornintheglory :moon: , rgt30 ??? , SeinfeldRules AMERICAN!!! , StrangerThanFiction FH dev A.K.A god , TheDarkInvader kinky , [SSRangers]IRON :cya:


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24th October 2004

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#4 12 years ago

[COLOR=White]I like it. [/COLOR][COLOR=White] [/COLOR][COLOR=White]Μαjïç MushrøøM, Seems like a good person.

A$$A$$IN don't know him

Alex Blaze, ditto

ANZACSAS, cool aussie!

Biggy2Guns90, don't know him

bignutjob, ditto

Blіtzkrіeg, good mod, guy. hasn't given me any warnings! :p

BoardTracker, eh?

Crimmond, someone who posted above me

dan4682, don't know him

Danimator, ditto

Duke of Holland, building a pretty decent computer.

Emir Al-Aziz, don't know him.

Force, likes rap and rock...hmmmm. plays the bass. :)

Gauntlet, seems like a nice person

gizmo, super admin type guy

Hawk24952004, no idea

HKArslan, ditto

Jack77, ditto

Jr katarn, ditto

lvnmymk, ditto. :p

Machony ditto, sigh

Leeoun, ditto

Major A Payne, ditto

masked_marsoe, ditto

mattym1985, ditto

Nemo_54, ditto

Rent_A_Cop, ditto

rgt30, ditto

SeinfeldRules, i like seinfield, so this guy is cool. is a peach party member to! i think...

stiner, no idea

StrangerThanFiction, ditto

The USS, ditto

TheDarkInvader, ditto

[SSRangers]IRON[/COLOR] ditto.

So in theory, I need to get to know more people. :p

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4th September 2004

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#5 12 years ago

SeinfeldRules The most awesome person around

A$$A$$IN n00b

Alex Blaze n00b

ANZACSAS Aussie AussieZaitsev n00b

Biggy2Guns90 n00b

bignutjob n00b Blіtzkrіeg Kiwi :kiwi: BoardTracker n00b Crimmond Seen him around dan4682, n00b Danimator n00b

Duke of Holland n00b Emir Al-Aziz n00b

FatJoe n00b

Force n00b

gizmo Uber n00b!

Hawk24952004 n00b

HKArslan n00b

Jack77 n00b

Kommandant Roβ Liek teh ghey!!1!11!1!1! ;)

Kounetsu n00b

Machony Leeoun n00b

masked_marsoe Seen him around

mattym1985, n00b

Rent_A_Cop Think I've seen him before.

stiner n00b

The USS Think I've seen him.

TheDarkInvader n00b

Urak'kul Know this guy.

vinneman76, n00b

[SSRangers]IRON n00b



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7th November 2003

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#6 12 years ago

=TLI=Drunk - Never heard of. Angel_Mommy - Seen around AussieZaitsev - If its an aussie its okay. Beery - Never came in my path. Blіtzkrіeg - Fellow mod, and a good one too. Chrystalis, DeathB, Force, GamerEX - Never seen around before. Emir Al-Aziz - Know him.. gizmo - Who's that? :p Kommandant Roβ - Seen around yeah! Kounetsu, lost_jedi, MadJohn, masked_marsoe, Mikaeru, MkH^, Rogue Agent, schall, StayBlunted, VyvyanBasterd - All never seen before.. Sir Paul - A fellow mod in the moh forums


I didn't make it!

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#7 12 years ago

Somebody mentioned BoardTracker?? :naughty:

In case you are wondering, BoardTracker is a cool search engine and alerts service (and more) for forums.. so as well as being a handy search engine it also means you can for example get alerts any time someone talks about any topic that interests you on any forum we index.. so you need never miss an important forum discussion again.. :smokin:

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22nd October 2005

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#8 12 years ago

I'm too lazy anyways,besides I have computer work to do.


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8th October 2004

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#9 12 years ago

[COLOR=darkorange]Memorex[/COLOR], = The best guy on the forums. Why? Cause he's great. *SW3D3*, = I've seen him around. Never had problems with him -King-, = Never heard of, srry ::BUNNY::, = Never heard of, srry =Z0MBI3=, = Made a sig for me, as far as I know. So, good guy :naughty: Augustus, = Never heard of, srry Big-Dog, = Never heard of, srry Billy Crook Foot, = Never heard of, srry BoardTracker, = Never heard of, srry [COLOR=darkorange]C38368[/COLOR], = Man in Orange. So he's good ;) Cattman2236, = Generals Fan, right? Every Generals Fan is good. Count_Chocu1a, = Never heard of, srry Darth_Worf, = Never heard of, srry Desertrat, = Never heard of, srry Eglaerinion, = Never heard of, srry Elmo, = Tha Elmo! I Wub him! :lol: Enemy 1, = Seems familiar.. FatJoe, = Never heard of, srry Großadmiral Dönitz, = Dönitz? What can I say? He hired me as a moderator. So he's great ;) Plus he's Dutch. Hybris, = Never heard of, srry jackthehammer, = Car Fanatic Dutchie. Great guy, :lol: Josef Porta, = Never heard of, srry Killer DD, = Never heard of, srry [COLOR=darkorange]Lord Wiener[/COLOR], = The Light Lord of The Peach. Great guy, oh yea :p, = Never heard of, srry MacDuck, = Never heard of, srry mach1muscle351, = Never heard of, srry Master Chief 14, = Seems familiar. Don't know much about him though [COLOR=darkorange]MG42Maniac[/COLOR], = Never heard of, srry.. But Orange.. Nostradamouse, = Never heard of, srry Oldschool, = Never heard of, srry Pb2Au, = Yeah, I kinda recognize this guy. Means he can't be bad. peter332, = Never heard of, srry pvt. Allen, = Never heard of, srry Ride 440, = Never heard of, srry [COLOR=darkorange]Rikupsoni[/COLOR], = A new mod? Orange fits well. Rue McDohl, = Never heard of, srry SciComHam, = Never heard of, srry score1_uk, = Never heard of, srry silian, = Never heard of, srry [COLOR=darkorange]Sir Paul[/COLOR]+, = My big boss. Good guy, for sure! ;) SpetsnazFox, = Never heard of, srry ssiBlade, = Never heard of, srry StayBlunted, = Never heard of, srry stiner, = Never heard of, srry Stu2603, = Never heard of, srry tomanders85, = Never heard of, srry VyvyanBasterd, = Never heard of, srry [COLOR=darkorange]x-Mandalore-x[/COLOR], = Never heard of.. But Orange.. xReKLiSx, = Never heard of, srry [UFDF] EAGLE, = Never heard of, srry

Wow.. I don't know lots of people, lol.


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22nd September 2002

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#10 12 years ago


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