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#31 8 years ago

darkclone;5379778I did assume the second last was a sperm swap, but now I'm guessing it's vomit. Edit: Or shit.

I'm actually intrigued as to the last one now though..

You can Google

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[COLOR="Red"]t-u-b-g-i-r-l. Very serious warning, just don't do it if you're offended or disgusted by extreme images.[/COLOR]

if you like, but trust me, you really, really don't want to..

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#32 8 years ago
Schofield;5379536Oh look, me and Cheryl. Cheryl and me. CHERYL AND I.



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#33 8 years ago

Ah, I see it now. Your stupid censorship blocked too much.


is gay.

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#34 8 years ago

censorship 4 nubs