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#11 8 years ago
rebornintheglory;5368921I have a New Moon t shirt.

You sad, sad man.


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#12 8 years ago

Let battle commence... Blade tracks Edward Cullen to a meat packing plant in Forks, where he hangs out sometimes, you know, brooding and stuff. Drawing his sword, Blade does some fancy flips, spins and stuff, attempting to intimidate the romantic Cullen. “Bet you can’t do a flip off that table over there and land on that machine way up there” taunts Cullen. “Kids,” Blade sneers dismissively, before doing the aforementioned leap. Landing and looking impressed with himself, he hasn’t noticed Cullen pulling a large lever, which turns on the machine Blade has landed on, sucking him in and turning him into sausages. “Cool,” remarks Cullen, before going off to climb trees or something. Edward Cullen wins! Edward Cullen 3 – Vampires 0 Film features: Battle Royale: Movie Vampires |


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#13 8 years ago

You're just jealous that Blade is so BA, I mean come on wearing sunglasses at night or indoors, that's the stuff that makes people legends, clearly. :rolleyes:

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