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#1 12 years ago

The Unknown Soldiers clan has been active since 2004. We have over 80 active members mostly in the USA, with some in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Many are current, former, or future US military. Our goals are FUN, mutual respect, and teamwork by the rules. Our TWL and TGL competition teams are open to any member who can qualify. Excellent reputation with other clans. Free membership with no minimum age, though if you are under 13 you will need parental permission. Donors, team spirit, and helping out are recognized with rank and respect.

We have multiple US and European league competition teams. In BF2 and COD4 we have several ranked and unranked game servers, 100-person Teamspeak server. We offer at least three practices a week open to each member (one is the expected minimum, but that can be excused), basic and advanced BF2 training in Infantry, Armor, and Aircraft skills, about one inter-clan BF2 scrim a week open to members, graphical signature dept, and tech and game help forums & FAQs.

The organization of our units is as follows:

A Company: Battlefield 2 Project Reality B Company: Battlefield 2 C Company: Call of Duty 4 D Company: European members E Company Americas Army Myrmidons: Battlefield 2142 Detachment Eve Corporation

Our clan meeting is every Friday night on TeamSpeak at 8:30pm Eastern. Our members play BF2, BF2 Project Reality mod, BF2142, Armed Assault, BFV, CounterStrike Source, Call of Duty 4, America's Army, Eve, Rainbow Six Vegas, Silkroad, Flight Simulator, WoW and numerous other games. So. no matter what you play, there is usually someone to play it with. We use Teamspeak and Xfire to play together publicly and on our servers, plus launch BF2 to the online play menu in less than a minute.

When you join =US= you will enjoy:

100+ Members Teamwork A military structured environment Premium TeamSpeak Server Competition teams People from around the world Multiple game servers Friendship

You will also enjoy our multitude of servers:

=US= COD4 32 slot Hardcore

=US= COD4 20 slot Hardcore 2

=US= Rangers Server 16 slot(BF2)

=US= Public Ranked 32 slot(BF2)

=UnknownSoldiers= Ranked World in Conflict Server! 16 slot look for the above name in the in game server list

=US= Ranked #2 64 slot (BF2)

=US= PR Public 32 slot (BF2)

=US= Clan Recruiting 40 slot (BF2142)

=US= Clan Unknown Soldiers Americas Army Honor Server 10 Slot(AA)

Server Name: =US= 2142 RANKED (BF2142) Server IP: Player Size: 40 man

Just visit http://www.ClanUnknownSoldiers.com click on barracks (our forums) and register. You can post an application in the Join the =US= forum, or post a challenge in the Scrim forum. Please refer to me in your application if you decide to join.

Feel free to ask me any questions, my Xfire is bigwhooper

And my E-mail is [email]BatistaDX23@aim.com[/email]


I didn't make it!

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#2 12 years ago

As Wiener would say: To the Ad forum mobile!