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#1 13 years ago

BREAKING NEWS The boy who lived happily, Barry Trotter, has been attacked by Valuemart. Delirious, he claims that he bought twp bags of carrots and got a third free! Recent reports indicate that Trotter was placed under the Imperial-Scale curse, an unforgivable attrocity punishable by banishment from Walmart Stores, Ltd. We interviewed Trotter's godfather, Serious Bloke, earlier today: SB: "I can't believe that bastard did it, I really can't. I told him to buy his carrots in TESCO, not Valuemart Ltd. Now I can't use my money-off coupon!" News: "Are you happy that Barry is OK?" SB: "Who the fuck is Barry? Are you calling me an asshole?" News: "We'll be right back after this short advertisement!" REVEN.CO.UK - GO THERE TO FEEL SPECIAL. News: "And we're back! Unfortunately, Serious Bloke has ran off, muttering something about 'reduced turnips' in a nearby store. Back to Jim in the studio!"