Welp, I fried my $1000 laptop 75 replies

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17th June 2002

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#71 6 years ago
Einherjar Silberio;5737672Blame someone who doesn't speak English.


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#72 6 years ago

Once its dried off just go "Oh, that's odd, my computer wont turn on. I sure hope I didn't loose the last three months of work!"

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#73 6 years ago


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#74 6 years ago

hell yeah every single day I beat my meat like I am a butcher!

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25th June 2003

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#75 6 years ago

IT: "Just going to install some updates on your computer, we'll be done in a ji.... Sir, your computer, it's completely non-functional!"

Mr. Matt: (nonchalantly) "Oh? I hadn't noticed" (returns to shuffling papers and sipping tea)

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#76 6 years ago

Mr. Matt;5737572I fried my work computer three months ago by spilling coffee all over it, and I haven't told anybody yet.

Not sure how the fuck they haven't noticed that I've done no work in that time, but I'm not rocking the boat. At this point it's gone from 'minor accident' to 'gross misconduct'.[/QUOTE] Well, if they didn't know before, they know now.

[QUOTE=Einherjar Silberio;5737672]Blame someone who doesn't speak English.

Ah, the Canadians.