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#91 15 years ago
Operative34997Actually, if you look at the inside of the Pred ship at the end of Predator 2, if you eliminated all of the lighting, and the fog on the floor, it does look strangely similar to the derelect that was crashed on LV-426.

I fail to see the connection. The predator ship in Predator 2 is not at all Giger-esque in style. The pilot ships look like living organisms, or at the very least very much like an actual alien hive. Besides, the pilot looks about 3.5+ meters tall if it were to stand up (humans are around 1.7 meters). Also, the thing's chest is at least twice as wide as a human's.

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#92 15 years ago

Well, again, I dont know what I'm talking about, but what if the Aliens turned the ship into their hive? I havent seen the movie in a long time, but is it possible?

I guess I missed the trunk on the pilot, lol. BUT what if the so-called 'pilot' creatures are really working for (or slaves to) the predators? Ooooooooooo....*scary music*