you know why did Pb2Au got temporarily banned? 34 replies

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I didn't make it!

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#31 12 years ago
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.;3331094You must spread some reputation around before giving it to lilbond again

I'll give it to him for you.


GF is my bext friend *hugs GF*

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7th June 2005

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#32 12 years ago

Muchas gracias


I'm too cool to Post

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22nd September 2002

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#33 12 years ago

lilbond;3331057Congratulations beef flaps! You've won!



OMG!! Like, I used that pic so long agao, like, omg you are such a noob. like I am so offended. OMG Now, both of you are tools.

Like strike thre and like, ur out. tools



The Arrogant French Prick

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5th December 2004

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#34 12 years ago

Guess I have to change user title now.

Fire Legion

Your argument is invalid.

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11th March 2006

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#35 12 years ago

Craaaaazy guy.