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20th January 2006

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#21 11 years ago

So the SKS has automatic firing capabilities?


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10th May 2008

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#22 11 years ago

I call North Korea, tell them that the US called them pansies, and they'd nuke us. There might be a problem with the radiation and the innocent peoples, but, It'll be worked out... ...in my pants.


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8th August 2008

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#23 11 years ago
rebornintheglory;4562955So the SKS has automatic firing capabilities?

it can be easily made to be full auto.

just gotta pull out the trigger assembly and stick a pin in a little hole. but it no worth it with the model i have seening how it only hold 5 to 10 rounds. a model D can use AK magazines to hold 30 rounds.


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30th January 2008

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#24 11 years ago

I'd grab my bag, stuff it full of tinned foods, bread and water bottles (complete with water o_O!). I'd get my mom's two biggest kicthen knives. Oh, and my mom.

I'd bring my pellet gun, and yes I'm aware it doesn't do much damage, but it has a light on it XD.

I'd fight my way to my girlfriend's house, to get her brother's better BB gun (metalness + high power) and help secure that house. Grab more supplies, get in her dad's Toureg (back seat, naturally cause I can't drive yet :P) and I'd get us driven to a private dock. Then I'd fight my way to a boat, and set it out to sail, only coming back to land occasionally for supplies.

Eventually we would probably try to find a bigger boat somewhere or find a secure, permanent location.

On the other hand I could get owned after I step out my door.

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11th November 2006

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#25 11 years ago

Bucca Fire;4562141Sitting at your Comp right now, if the Undead starting swarming in through the main entrance, what (real world) items do you have to aid in your defence? And what is your exit strategy?


[COLOR=limegreen]1. Zombies are slow & shambling but vast in number (streets littered with them)

2. Severe Brain trauma is the only thing that kills em

3. Zombies can unnaturally sense where the living are, i.e.if you are the last person on earth at the North Pole, zombies at the South Pole will start making their way towards you.

4. Only being bitten, or mauled ALOT will turn you, Blood sprays are icky, but thats it.

5. Animals bitten by, or feeding on zombies will turn, so undead walking along the bottom of the ocean to get to you will eventually get nibbled by meat eaters then swim off to hunt their own living kind.

6. Military/Police unorganised (no change there then) so no city purging bomb drops.

7. Angelina Jolie will not accept the current predicament as an excuse to repopulate the earth, especially if your female.

8. Superman won't save you either.[/COLOR]

This is most fun if you take this seriously.


For me id grab my assault rifles from out of my closet my SKS-56 being my main one, get into my old boat of a car, being sure to weld steel plates on the windows with slats for the rifle and head north west for the mountians and live off the land for as long as possible, in a wooded bunker that id make myself.

FUCK! :(

I don't have a clue what i'd do. Lock the doors, i guess. There's enough food in the house to last for a few months, and enough knives to take out a battalion of Zombies.

Or i'd run out the backdoor, grab a shovel, head to one of the parked cars, get in, and drive to the city hall. I'd then proceed up through it, and run across the glass bridge and into the hospital. That's where i'd barricade and look for something that's of use to me.

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6th May 2007

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#26 11 years ago
Sh0wdowN;4562478Flee to a remote island that is at least 3 days away from anywhere else by boat, grow vegetables and fruit there, along with building a sonar and securing the perimiter. If what you say is the case, all zombies making their way towards me will be eaten by seacreatures (as they won't be able to swim) or decompose, and so any "land-zombies" wouldn't be able to make their way to the island, so while I'd be surrounded with fish-zombies, I'd be safe as long as I was on land or in a boat.

Zombie turtles?

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17th December 2005

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#27 11 years ago

I know that I'd have a fist made of chainsaws that run on blood.

Problem solved.



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4th September 2007

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#28 11 years ago

spray fart gas at them barricade teh door my dad used to be in the army, he was a sniper in the 4th recon (i think) M4 Barret 50 Cal USP 45 R700 and a Winchester Riot shotgun from WWII but it needs restoring all of these weapons exept the M4 and the USP 45 have no firing pins in them, :(