ZOMBOnet Season 3 - Start with 2500 points -Transfer char from any server to ZOMBOnet 6 replies

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#1 13 years ago
[COLOR="Blue"]Proudly Presents: "DiabloMU Fully Customised Season 3: We are here to stay"[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]100 Unique Items[/COLOR] ZOMBO Network - MMORPG Servers www.ZOMBO.com [COLOR="Green"][SIZE="3"]Start With 2500 Free Stats OR You Can Transfer Your Character From Any Server (Low, Medium, High Exp) To ZOMBOnet[/SIZE][/COLOR]

90910198wj6vc5.gif Experience: 100x Drops: 40% Start Points: 300 Start Zen: 500,000 Features: Fullly working Season1, Season2, Season3 + Items created by us Reset Type: Keep Stats Reset Level: 400 Reset Payment: 5 million zen Reset System: via Website [COLOR="Red"]Custom Reset System[/COLOR]: ZOMBOnet Grand Reset + Full Option Items Reward Redistribute Stats: via Website or Ingame using /add command and switch Servers Number: 4 ( Bahamut - NoN PvP ; Ragnarok - PvP ; Odin - Event Eden - VIP ingameyq4nf0gu1.gif New features after server upgrade was complete....... Illusion Temple Event - [COLOR="Red"]100% [/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]PcShop - Online Points System - 100%[/COLOR] By staying online you are rewared with some unique points used to buy special Mistery Boxes that drop UNIQUE ITEMS or Special Symbols that INCREASE EXP, JWL DROP, AND MORE. Press "D" ingame when you are in safezone and be amazed and all you need to do is to ... Stay Online ! More informations here: ZOMBOnet Comunity Forums New boxes that drop unique items NOW DROP -[COLOR="Red"] 100%[/COLOR] All new unique items NOW DROP - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] Mobs HP - Default ( no more increased ) , Better Mobs Respawn, More Golden Dragons, Red Dragons, Whizard Invasions, and Better Exc Items Drop - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] Halloween Event ( Available on Ragnarok Server ) - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] Golden Fenrir - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] ZOMBOMail & ZOMBOChat Fixed - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] Season 3rd LvL Quest + Priest Devin NPC ( no more /evo ) - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] 4 New Rings + Mistery Boxes - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] Add live: /str , /agi , /vit , /ene , /com , /post ( different color ) - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] Wings 3rd LvL Mix ( all wings can be created now ) - [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] Over 100 Unique Items in ZOMBOnline- [COLOR="Red"]100%[/COLOR] And much more .... Join Us and START WITH 2500 FREE POINTS ! ingameyq4nf0gu1.gif [COLOR="Red"]100 Unique Items[/COLOR] - created by our team and parteners containing [COLOR="Red"]New Sets, New Swords, Staffs, Spears and much more[/COLOR] ! All items are REAL and not reskinned/fake ! [COLOR="Red"]New Items drop from RibbonBoxes, CandyBoxes and ChocolateBox (Scarlet)[/COLOR] Date when server was created: 2006 - We have 2 Years Of Activity Spots: Professional created Shops: items+7+8+lk, orbs, scrools etc Soul Success Rate: 80-90% Server Events: Kantru, BloodCastle, DevilSquare, CastleSiege, Crywolf etc events enabled Custom commands for: addstats, pkclear, ads, etc Custom events: SkyEvent, Illusion Temple Server uptime: available 24/7 with 99% uptime. Server connection: 1 Gbit uplink speed Dedicated Server Machine: Intel Xeon Woodcrest 5160 (4x3.0Ghz) 10 GB DDR2 linksdg4bc1vg8.gif Download Fully Customised Season3 Client: HERE Register your ZOMBOnet account: HERE Ask for support in our forums: HERE ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// [SIZE="3"][SIZE="4"]ZOMBOnet YouTube Advertisements:[/SIZE][/SIZE] YouTube - ZOMBOnet - Makes all the difference YouTube - ZOMBO net YouTube - ZOMBO net 2.0 by Explossive


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#2 13 years ago


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#3 13 years ago

Quite so.

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#4 13 years ago

I love zombo, they offer such great deals.


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#5 13 years ago

Yes, Zombo is Awesome!!



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#6 13 years ago

I wuv ZOMBO!

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#7 13 years ago

Come back! The llamas demand it!