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#1 10 years ago

Aight :cya:, so i have Tmsunrise, *props to whoever has it too* , and when i try to run it on my wonderfully dumb vista 64bit, IT DOESN'T WORK ! ISNT THAT GREAT !... i updated drivers... so that problem is now solved... the only problem now is : i do "run as administrator" :naughty:and obviously it pops out with an "allow" "do not allow" screen... I CLICK ALLOW .... then theres a pop up with this cool little button that says " play " on it.. i presume you know what i do next:smokin:? THATS RIGHT ! i press play... NOTHING HAPPENS:bawl:, why ? well i guess thats why i desperately joined this FORUM... any thoughts on this humans?:beer::rofl: