CnC Generals Unbalanced ? -1 reply

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Ice Cokey

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22nd April 2003

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#71 16 years ago

yup my english is sux ass so what?


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19th March 2003

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#72 16 years ago
I'm sorry 4 saying this but... YOUR ENGLISH SUX ASS! and the main thing that upsets the balance is the flashbang grenade, damn those things r strong...

Hmm lets not discriminate or offend anybody because of their ability to speak english, okay?! As long as it is understandable its okay. Nowhere in the forum rules it says that you need to speak english or good english. I could understand him.

Yes those flashbangs are freaking annoying, I HATE THEM!They always take out my stinger sites...


I didn't make it!

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#73 16 years ago

yeah k I'm soz:lol:

well anyway, I think the flashbang is much 2 strong, 4 instance it takes 3 flashbangs 2 take out 1 (READ 1!) rebel/red guard/ranger, and if the rebels/guards/rangers r inside a building they die with 1 flashbang entering the building.... so fake, but on the other hand, usa doesn't have a dragon tank/toxin tractor, but still the flashbangs unbalance the early game!