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15th November 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I have created a few nice maps as of recently. You may know them, Gate Keeper, Walls of water and Blood, End of the World, and Dunes. I have made new versions of many of my maps, even some brand spankin new ones are to come out, such as "Dam Hole" - 8 player. One thing has caught my attention though...It seems as if none of my maps are being posted anymore? The last one to make it was Gate Keeper v1.1. Oddly enough it was the very last one I sent. Some I have sent twice, in case of error, still nothing. Now I will admit that I am unaware of how long map posting takes, but I do find it odd that my Gate Keeper v1.1 map was posted almost 3/4 of a day after I sent it and my others still have yet to be posted? :confused:

Are my maps simply not making it because of an error in my e-mails? Or is there some other factor involved? :confused:


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28th April 2003

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#2 14 years ago

I have no idea whatsoever, I suggest you contact gen. sparky, since he's staff on his email is [email=""][/email] don't bother to add him to msn, since he's hardly ever on.:uhm: