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1st November 2004

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#1 9 years ago

I have played many many FPS games and I normally do very well right from the start... I am having huge issues understanding the UT3 damage system... it seems like everyone else got a damage mod and I missed out or something lol.

Biorifle - both firing modes seem to do no damage for me. I can smack someone full on point blank with it and it has no effect... they turn around and instantly 1 shot me with their biorifle.

Shockrifle- Again... I am constantly getting 1 shotted with this gun's alternate mode but it takes me 8-9 hits from the alt fire (HITS) to kill an enemy player, the normal mode doesn't seem to do anything. Other players can 4 shot me in a goliath tank with a shock.

Flakgun - the primary seems to work ok... I can get some kills with it. The alt mode seems so random... sometimes I can kill players easily and not even hit anywhere close to them, other times I knock em in the head with it for what seems to be 0 damage.

Rocketlauncher - this seems to be the worst of all of them. I follow people around and hit them with every round... one after the other after the other.... it doesn't phase them... they turn around with a flick of their wrist and I'm respawning.

Sniper - why do headshots register so easily against bots and not human players? bots I can hs all day long on.... pull the exact same shot on a human player and blood splatters but it doesn't kill them.

Is there like a massive mod for this game that everyone has? Or is it one of those things that you have to play till your one hundred to be considered "average"? If anyone could shed some light on the damage system of this game it would be appreciated.