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14th February 2004

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#151 17 years ago

OK I changed my mind, actually USA ain't underpowered, sometimes people can say they are overpowered, only requires ALOT of micro management.


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26th December 2010

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#152 16 years ago

basically ur all pretty much noobs but heres what to do: against fields of mines (demo traps), just bring a humvee or 2 along or any unit with a scout drone upgrade on it and force fire on them when they are detected. against tunnel networks, use tanks or search and destroy humvees (they outrange the tunnels with snd), tomahawks work ok too but it takes a while and you'll have to back up the tomahawks anyways with escort troops. when taking out tunnels, force fire in front of the entrance (hold control and then click on where you want to fire at) so the splash damage still hurts the tunnel but also any units that come out. against riots (angry mobs), use pathfinders and flash bang rangers


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28th August 2004

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#153 16 years ago

USA Airforce is the 2nd cheapest general in the game. US superweapon is perfect for multiplayer games, and laser is underpowered but has the most effecient tanks if you can keep the power up.


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5th March 2004

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#154 16 years ago

hmm talk about reviving an old thread (June 14th)


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22nd October 2004

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#155 16 years ago

1.put spy drones around the battlefield in places you think the enemy might pass. 2. use intelligence (if u have it) often 3. if u don't have intelligence, then use the spy satallite 4.PUT UNITS ON PATROL!!


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28th April 2003

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#156 16 years ago

a network of pathfinders, spy drones, patroling humvee's and stealth fighters and CIA intel will do... intelligence is USA's biggest advantage over the other factions.


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#157 16 years ago

Like my name says usa owns any army and Not all who play gla are pro are good most who do play gla run dry after ther tech rush didnt work and if your playing Usaf vs gla are just vanilla army usa and vanil army gla but i only know a good strat for zero hour for a good death strike on gla get a dozer and a chinook send it run over workers build a base in his base and most of the time you won the other one is the same except instead of a dozer send sum inf like rangers and rockets that will give you enough time to build Humvs and Raptors etc what you need to finish but if you play a no rush game well you just suck and you dont need to vs a human if you do no rush`s:0wned: