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26th March 2003

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#1 15 years ago

hey guys and gals :D im back but im way too busy playing planetside great game worth the dough in my opion but well i still play generals and well ill be blunt the map community is at an all time low all the damn symetrical maps bite. not to diss our bros in the map service but get off the symetrical addiction we want a map that actully looks like it could be real not some place that looks as phony as a 3 dollar bill am i right "texastea" was one of the BEST maps ive ever played on and well hmmm im at arm-ent and well the codex generals is frankly dead as soon as the boards are concered sorry i was really hopin more supported it but all the guys are workin at WW3 since bryan left and ASH10 assumed leadership i believe. oh well right now im listening to kickaxe's "Instruments of Destruction" and well i guess the communitys not real alive i guess its true people really do have lives outside the game :dropsjaw: its true oh no :mepimp: :moon: :love: :spank: :drink: :donut: :saber: so sad but on to new bussiness my congrats to cammy who apparently likes this game as much as we do and as far as i know no other girls are here i truly think thats sad and well im really hopein they make the expansion for generals soon but till then ill enjoy the next best thing pro:gen from deezire and i hope all the guys back then are still here and helpin the guys who need it and well i promise to try and check for more updates on my new thread but no proises when the new "lasher" gets out of the test server and into to the real battles send info on what servers empires and codenames you might use who know maybe ill be the 1 to to put my lancer to your head and give ya a blowhole :smokin: im really hopin some of the guys here play and if not you can download it for a few days on fileplanet to see what im talkin bout see ya on the battlefield guys (hopefully not on the business end of a lasher or cycler :lol: ah well and plz respond im lookin for feedback not just Planetside but all the stuff ive talked about and i hope we see some better stuff

later guys (ladys too ;))