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#1 14 years ago

Hi All, I just wanted to pop in and say hello, and cordially invite you all to stop by and try out our servers, if you like, to check out the new custom weapons that we just added. (Never before seen like this. Customized by (A.S.S)CoMM ) We are a UT2004 Clan primarily. We play "Run & Gun" Style with low grav & custom Matrix moves. Please take a look. We recently put in a 32 Man ONS Server, that is a mirror of our popular (A.S.S)ONS server. In our old School Sniper Server, we added a long range projectile shotgun with a zoomable scope. This is also in BR. We have the Boomsnipe which is always fun (Recompiled from UT99). On the Zark server, we have added an AK47 with a zoom scope and binslayer type blast radius. It is very fun. The regular Sniper Rifle is completely modified from any of our past sniper rifles and has a fresh look, sound, scope animation/crosshair that won't be found on any other server. These are "Votable" Game types you select when map selection screen comes up. We recently also added Utlra Fast IG PIG CTF, Single Shot IG CTF, for a few new twists. If you have a chance, swing on by. Here are the servers: [color=brown]UT2K4 SERVERS:[/color] ut2004:// (A.S.S)-=Sniper-Matrix-ONS32=-(EXTREME-LowGRAV!!!)-(A.S.S) ut2004:// (A.S.S)--=Sniper-Matrix-ONS=--(EXTREME-LowGRAV!!!)--(A.S.S) ut2004:// (A.S.S)---------=Old-School-Sniper-CTF/DM=---------(A.S.S) ut2004:// (A.S.S)---------=Sniper-Matrix-DM/TDM=---------(A.S.S) ut2004:// (A.S.S)----------=InstaGib-DM/TDM/CTF=----------(A.S.S) ut2004:// (A.S.S)=D&S-Pure-Zark-With-Lite-Matrix-Moves=(A.S.S) [color=brown]BOMING RUN / JAILBREAK SERVERS:[/color] ut2004:// (A.S.S)-D&S-Shotgun-Bombing-Run-(A.S.S) ______

[color=brown]UT2K3 SERVERS:[/color] [color=orange]ut2003-[/color]unreal:// (A.S.S) Sniper Matrix Lovers _______

[color=brown]BETA TEST SERVERS(Unofficial):[/color] ut2004:// temp password of "igdm" [color=orange]-BR/ONS-TEST SERVER[/color] ut2004:// (»kïLLßïLLy's«)kaßïN=Sniper Matrix ONS EXT LowGRAV [PRIVATE]= Password: sniper [color=orange]MONOLITHS SERVER (BR/VCTF): Dynamic IP- Look for it in the browser-[/color] _______ [color=orange]A.S.S TeamSpeak: PW: clanASS1 (Case sensitive) TEAMSPEAK PROGRAM: ftp://ftp.freenet.de/pub/4players/teamspeak.org/releases/ts2_client_rc2_2032.exe TEAMSPEAK OVERLAY PROGRAM: http://www.teamspeakoverlay.com/[/color] Hope to see you out our way sometime. :) _

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#2 14 years ago

Moved to Clan Forum. Reason: More Clan Related. May move to Rants and Raves. :moved:


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Cool. Thanks Killer Kyle. Yes, it is Clan related.