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11th October 2003

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EcK Recruiting for new Unreal Division!


Hi all

EcK Killswitch here, just letting players know we are recruiting for our new Division! We already have a very Active Americas Army and Priston Tale Divisions and we feel its time to Add just one more!

We are kinda looking for players that have been in a Clan before, but if you aint dont worry! As long as you come prepared, its fine...When i mean prepared...have you ever run a new division before and being flooded by endless emails saying can i join?? We i have and i love it, but its also hard Anyways, Experienced Unreal 2004 players are very welcome and there are positions available for good and Active players!

We run the division like this:

We have 1 HOD - Head of Division

And 3-4 DL's - Division Leaders

The HOD has a say in everything, and the DL's have theres too...Dl's are there to help out and backup the HOD! We have a UT2004 Server at the moment too and you will get admin rights to that after you recruitment period of 2 weeks. You will also get Server Admin on Teamspeak and on the forums you will also be an Admin!

Head here if you are interested:

PS we love Red Orchestra!!!

Thanks Lee

TS Server ip is: No password Required!